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Pre-purchase inspections- Melb

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Dazzler, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. I had been bikeless for a couple of months and was finally getting to the point of narrowing down some 'bikes of choice' recently.

    I had used the pre-purchase inspection service of Brett in Ferntree Gully, when I purchased my last bike. I was so impressed by his attitude and attention to detail, that I continued to use him for on-going servicing. Brett also put on a couple of spanner nights for Netrider members last year that I attended and learnt heaps.

    The pre-purchase service is NOT free, but I believe it is of great value to those like me that are still not super confident to be able to spot ALL deficiencies of a prospective purchase.

    I was looking at a particular bike the other week and so gave Brett a call to check it over. After a very thorough assessment, he took me aside and suggested that I not proceed with the purchase and showed me the inspection report along with the likely cost of repairs.

    Now I'm not saying that I would have gone ahead with the purchase had he not been there, but sometimes you CAN get caught up in the moment and make poor decisions. Having someone impartial and not emotionally involved in your corner can be very helpful.

    I have since gone on and purchased what I believe is a great bike at a great price and am very appreciative that this service is available.

    Very highly recommended
    :grin: :grin:

  2. The VFR or something else???

    :worthlesspics: :worthlesspics: :worthlesspics:
  3. how would one get onto Brett? im currently in the market for a secondhander.. and must admit im no expert when it comes to bikes
  4. Hey Herbdoc, watch him in action and listen to his opinions, you'll learn heaps.