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Pre-Purchase Inspection Needed in Auburn NSW

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by LatsMan, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. Hi team, looks like I could be buying my first bike from NSW - I'm Vic based.

    There are a few threads on here about mobile mechanics that can do an onsite pre-purchase inspection but they're all 2-5 years old - the threads, not the mechanic.

    Anyone know a mobile mechanic or pre-purchase inspect service?? Obviously I will pay for it.

    The catch is :
    1. I'd like some that knows Vic laws and can inspect the bike with Vic rules in mind

    2. I need it done tomo arvo - Tuesday Aug 5th 2014 after 3pm

    Not asking much I know, but if anyone can recommend someone, that would be super. Thanks!!
  2. Thanks Goz, yeah found both with a google search, and have messaged both - can't find really any others... don't like my chances of getting a check by COB tomo.... Thx mate, Lats
  3. 2 issues here,
    1: You want it yesterday
    2: you want someone with knowledge of VIC laws, based in NSW.

    Roadworthy items will be the same for all intents and purposes, most compliance items are to a national standard, hence Australian Design Rules (ADR).

    Depending upon how close an inspection you want and how close an inspection the current owner will permit, someone here in the NR (Sydney based) might be able to help you.
    As an example, if you want to know compression in cyls, what colour the plugs burn etc then you will prob need to pay a commercial provider because that sort of testing, depending upon the bike make/model it could take considerable time. It also depends upon how far the owner is willing to let someone disassemble it.

    From my readings over the years, many commercial vendors don't do comp tests, they just do visual inspection, road test, listen for abnormal noises, take a few pics, inspect the logbook/history and write a report. Often they charge a fair bit to do such a simple inspection too.
  4. Hi Tweet, thanks mate for the reply.

    Appreciate less than 24 hours notice was always going to pose a challenge - just doesnt appear to be more than 2 or 3 companies offering this service in NSW.

    To be honest, i'd take a visual inspection at this stage and would be happy to pay for it. Its going to otherwise cost me $500 to jump on a plane, get a car/cab to the bike and turn around and come home and take half my day at least.

    Now I just need to decide if im willing to fork out $4k for a bike unseen, although spoken to the owner and its exactly set up how I wanted it, or let it go and be patient and wait for another... I know what the lil voice in the head says...
  5. Where in NSW is the bike located?
    If it's close to me, East subs/City (Sydney traffic to woop woop and back after 3pm is crap) I'll take a look at it for you, even test ride it if the owner permits.
  6. Disregard my post above, I just noted in the title that the bike is in Auburn, unfortunately that's a shit hole to get to anytime around the peak times.
  7. **Edited for clarity.
  8. And then some... ;)
  9. Hey Tweet, sorry been off the air for a bit. Thanks for the offer mate, glad I didnt need you to drag yaself down that part of the world by the sounds of it...

    The guy in Auburn ended up going quiet on me, didnt reply to call or msg when I couldnt get someone there that day but could have had someone the day after... oh well, fark him really.

    Ended up buying another bike, pick it up tomo - CBR250rr in Repsol scheme... cant wait!!