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Pre purchase Inspection in SA - Adelaide ?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by 3base, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Hi!
    ive checked the links & have done numerous searches of the forum, search comes up with one guy asking in 2006 which no one could answer & in the links page i called one company 11 times on there 1300 no. during the span of 3 days but they don't answer there phones so i emailed them & it seems like they dont answer emails also!???

    Unless im blind, i cannot see anything or find anyone who does SA.

    Can anyone give me some advise if there is anyone that does pre-purchase inspections in South Australia?? , to narrow it down the suburb is Ferryden Park near Adelaide (or is it part of Adelaide?, i have no idea), im in Sydney & liking this bike down there & would appreciate anyone's help!


  2. this is unbelievable;
    there is no one that does pre-purchase inspections on motorcycles in SA ???? ](*,)

    to anyone living in SA who is a motorcycle mechanic, here is an idea! (y)
    new business opportunity:
    motorcycle pre-purchase inspections & mobile mechanic!

    you will be the only one,
    you will have a monopoly!!! :dance:
  3. I'd like to say I have a solution but I can't! Ferryden Park is a (relatively dodgy) suburb of Adelaide, though it's getting better, but it's on the other side of town to me. I don't know any good mobile bike mechanics. If you can get the owner to drop the bike to a mechanic I can probably recommend one or two out that way who have a decent reputation, but they're not mobile.

    All in all it's probably easier to buy in Sydney unless this bike is something really unusual.
  4. G'day people. I've been meaning to sign up with netrider for a while and I had a question that needed opinions. But the question I came to ask looks to have been answered - unsuccessfully! Apparently not only is a RWC not required in SA to sell a bike, it's not possible to get someone to have a good look at it for you.

    Shirley you can't be serious. I'm looking at a bike in Gawler of all places (I know Gawler - I used to live in Adelaide for a while.) There must be someone that I can get an opinion from. I'd prefer if it were a qualified and educated opinion but then I'm just being picky.
  5. Shirley, is serious.

    i never found anyone in SA who could have a look for me, I rang around different mobile mechanics but they stated that they did not look at bikes, i gave up on the bike & bought one in Melb, had a pre-inspection done by Brett (Madbiker, highly recommend!) & then got it shipped to Syd. That 1300 245 366 i called was a waste of time.

    hey mechs in SA, great business opportunity!!!

    now, let me go check & see what Otto is up to :)
  6. There's a couple of bike shops in Gawler. Call them, offer $'s, you might get lucky.
  7. Or even just see if the owner will be willing to take it in to the bike shop and surely someone will be willing to look at it.