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pre-purchase bike inspections

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by twainharte, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. am looking at buying privately and would like the bike thoroughly looked over by a certified mechanic...i've only come across inspectabike and motorcycle inspection services here in the sydney area; is that it? has anybody had any experience with an inspection service and/or have any recommendations.

  2. Heya - Paul from MIS helped me buy my first bike a week ago. Can highly recommend. Totally friendly and gave me peace of mind in terms of bike value and stuff. Being a chikee with no concept of mechanics, it really helped to have him there, doing his 50 point check and negotiating the price down a bit.

    phone 9939-8501 or email MIS@Exemail.com.au
  3. what a shame you dont live in Melbourne. There is a guy who performs inspections here who did his stuff then managed to knock the seller down by $1000. What a bargin I got!. I think Sydney may be out of his area though.
  4. thanks for your replies guys!
  5. Here is the MIS web site it gives a full list of what he checks for you, plus there is some other fun stuff on this site.


    Good luck.
  6. Geeee $130!! for an inspection??? I'll come over and take a look at any bike for $50 within S/E melbourne...
    Ok I do not run a profecional bike shop but I have been fixing bikes for 7 years and have seen a trick or two...
  7. Ey Monkey Nuts, who did your inspection and how could I contact him for some potentials I'm checking out?
  8. i do remember 1 fellow that i said that to (GLEN SENT ME) punched me .
  9. Was that the lesbain place Midnight
  10. Outtalive

    The guy who did my inspection is called pete. He's a cluded up guy who really knows his stuff. He gives a full written report and is more than helpfull. I think the member 'mipears' had a bike inspected or repair by him as well. PM me and I'll pass on his details
  11. just had a look through the forum. There is a thread in technical advice "fix my ayling across for beer" read his thread and the one I posted in the new riders section with the heading "hello" for more information on pete and his services
  12. Hi all,
    I agree with Flashfire's opinion about Motorcycle Inspection Services and also highly recommend them. They inspected an RZ350 for me recently.

    They arrived promptly, were very friendly, meticulous with their inspection and asked the owner of the bike many questions that I wouldn't even have thought about.I'm not new to motorcycling, but they certainly showed me many useful things to know about purchasing used bikes, including the pitfalls to avoid.

    Contrary to LordTb's opinion, I think that they provide excellent value for money, as they managed to get the bike reduced by $450 (which I wouldn't have been able to do), thus saving me $320 as a result of having the inspection done. The report was also very comprehensive.So I bought the bike and have been loving it ever since.

    I was extremely satisfied with their service, especially because of their expertise and bartering power and will happily use them again in the future to save me more money on my next bike. :D
  13. whats the guys name down at vic motorbike inspection? is that the same thing?

    thats the number,
    finally sold my car gonna check out a few different bikes over the next few weeks
  14. I'm fairly sure that they aren't part of the same company.
  15. "Two-stroker" sorry if I'm accusing you incorrectly.

    Either you're a major, major fan of "Motorcycle Inspection Services", or you're working for them.

    The only posts you've ever made are advertising his services.
  16. The date he joined the forum is a bit sus as well. What do you think Mouth?
  17. That's because I've just joined this forum half an hour ago & this was the first topic that I saw which I was interested in.So yea, you are accusing me incorrectly!
    I seem to be one of the few peeps on this forum who have used them & I thought others could benefit from my experience.If you think that's suss, that's up to you, but I'm only trying to help others here.If they were crap, I'd mention that instead!
  18. Na mate you got ripped off... It is the same thing with the car inspections.. These people care nothing about the bike/car you are about to buy... all they care is the money you are about to give to them. If they got the price reduced by $450 than the seller was more than willing to drop that any way... How comprehansive was he raport?? did they strip the bike in front of you and checked the state of the valves?? Did they check if the bike was ever writen off?? did they point out where all the plastic welding is?? I have bought and sold a fiew bikes/cars in my time... I have had "profesionals" both check bikes/cars I was buing and had them check bikes/cars I sold... And I have seen the raports... LOL it still cracks me up when they give a value for compresion without unscrewing the spark plugs!!!!
  19. I definitely didn't get ripped off.
    I didn't mind paying the money & they got me a good deal, so I'm happy with that.Remember not everyone's as mechanically minded as you think you are.
  20. I stil think you got ripped...
    1. no one will lower their price on any thing unless they are prepared to do that in before they even put an add up...
    2. if the bike is sold with RWC and REG for $66 you can take it to a mechanic and have the RWC re checked. If it fails the ORIGINAL mechanic HAS to fix every thing for FREE!!

    so my advice is if you dont know any thing about bikes or cars dont waste your money buy buing any thing without RWC

    one last thing Two-stroker... from your other posts it sounds like you ARE mechanicaly minded...