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Pre-provisional training 6 hour course

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by aste9974, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. What is the content/format of the pre-provisional training 6 hour course?

    I'm going to do that course in 3 months, what am I supposed to expect?

    Also is the "Motorcycle riding test" (after the pre-provisional training course) a computer test or a test on the track in real life? What does that consist of?


    P.S This is NSW, if anyone is confused.
  2. I assume you're talking about MOST. The pre-provisional training is the lead-up to the actual test you'll take in the afternoon. As for the content, this is how HART break up the day (other should be similar)...

    • Starts with a quick brief regarding what the day entails and then your bike (assuming you're not hiring one from the RTO) will be inspected for road-worthiness (everyone forgets to ensure their horn is working, don't be one of this ilk).
    • You'll then do some "revision" on the closed-off training area then take a break.
    • Next it's the road ride. The road ride will stop a number of times allowing different students to take the lead as well as allowing the instructor to pass on information/directions. Upon return from the road ride, break for lunch.
    • After lunch, return to the closed off training area for specific MOST training/practice (U-turn, cone weave, E-brake etc.).
    • Another short break and then it's test time! This will be done one at a time with everyone else off to the side of the circuit. In addition, each component of the test is conducted in isolation i.e. you do the U-turn component and stop. Before each section is tested, the instructor will explain what he wants you to perform and will ask if you understand. Once you say "yes", he/she will signal you to do that component and where to stop. DON'T FORGET TO INITIATE EACH START WITH A HEAD CHECK!
    • Once everyone has completed the test, you'll return to the classroom for a debrief and (assuming you passed), your certificate for the RTA. Smile, say "thank you" and rush to the nearest RTA (or whatever they've decide to call it now) and upgrade your license to P1.
      • Please note that if you fail the test, there is no requirement for you to do the pre-provisional again, you only need to re-book and do the actual test next time.
  3. I have to do the course in a couple of weeks. I'm most (Ha MOST!) nervous about the road ride. I've been riding around for a few months now & confidence is improving, but when someone is watching/checking/scrutenising I tend to get nervous & -F-up, so I hope I don't 'lose it' on the day & come across a REAL novice/first time rider!!