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Pre Provisional NSW training and MOST

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ShoveLhead, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. For sure!! I've seen a few people at the P's test with modified exhausts.. So what the hell are you

  2. No way!!!! Are you just stupid? Or extremely ignorant, negligent and gumby with regards to the law!?

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  3. Can't help ya son!! Why don't you ride to the Stay Upright people with the bike and show them...THE

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  1. Just a quick one,

    Do they knock you back the minute you set foot through the gate for having an aftermarket exhaust or an exhaust with drilled baffles? Or are they more concerned with the indicators, lights and brakelights being working order. Plus the fact that some people may already be nervous so they waiver the aftermarket pipes / bafflectomy. The problem is I have my Ps next week, aftermarket pipes are on and the original exhaust has drilled baffles, so either way i'm stuffed since I can't get a new stock exhaust in time. Unless of course they don't give a rats, as long as its not obnoxiously loud...

    Any advice appreciated
  2. I would seriously doubt it ... do they actually work directly for the NSW RTA, or are they contractors or such like Wheel Skills etc etc?

    You'd have to be unlucky I would think ... just my thoughts though.
  3. do you have a sticker for your can? i had a friend who went with his staintune on and even though he'd planned on putting the baffle back in for the P's test - due to waking up late and not being able to find it, he didn't.

    apparently they didn't even look twice (though it could be different depending on where you go). i'd say as long as you had the sticker you'll be fine ;)
  4. i doubt youll even need the sticker. When i went for mine, the scrutineering consisted of indicators, horn, and a quick check of rego and tyre tread depth. They even turned a blind eye to the guy who turned up to the test with an r6 and was renting a cb.

  5. Thanks guys, narh, got no sticker for it, but I'll order one in... I know it won't arrive until after the test so I'll just rock up with the aftermarkets minus the label.

    As for the guy on the R6 thats funny as!

  6. The guys that give the test are riders.

    Up until the point where you actually do the test, they are friendly and helpful. When you do the test, they become a little more serious, and have to read off exactly what's on the list, and fail you if you stuff up. No leeway there.

    They give the once over on the bike, but are more concerned with safety issues than anything else.

    One of the blokes who showed up to our P's, showed up on 1000cc Harley something. He had hired a bike to do the test at the centre, but rode up on the Harley. Instructor didn't blink an eye.
  7. Passed my P's without losing a point!! They didn't care less about the exhaust!!
  8. Grats dude. Good work.
  9. Great. I presume you didn't announce it until now because you took the Looooonnnngggg way home. ;-)
  10. Heh yeap always take the long way from A to B on the bike, went for a nice long ride after the test!!