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Pre Provisional / MOST on Suzuki GS500

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Insomniac, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. Hi - new to the forum..and looks like I'll learn a great deal from it.

    Hoping someone might help me. I have booked in for the Pre Provisional in a couple of weeks. I ride a Suzuki GS500 and sheesh, doing a U turn in 6.1 meters seems a little tight. This afternoon, I practised and my bike only just makes it, and sometimes I failed. Has anyone passed the MOST on a Suzuki GS500 or should I hire a smaller bike? I'd prefer to do the test on my bike if possible.

    Is the closed off section of road in Homebush still an option for practise...and what times. Thanks for any advice. Love riding my bike!!!! Hate getting in a car now.

  2. There's a mountain of people on here who have passed on the GS's. You should be able to clear the 6.1m with a good foot and a half.

    Just keep practising and remember all the rules to doing it:
    1. Fast idle friction point
    2. Turn your head to the exit
    3. Keep the revs up

    Good luck!
  3. i ride a gs500f

    my driveway is on a hill and i have a dog, so every time i come home i pull up at the left side of my driveway back tyre touching the inside part of my driveway from there i walk up the driveway put the the dog inside open one gate walk down to the bike hope on it. put it into first gear do a u-turn and go up the driveway, now that u-turn would flat out being 3 meters
  4. As the others said, it's not the bike... I did my MOST on a GS500F and with practice (that's the key word, lots of practice) you can easily do a u-turn in under 5m.
  5. The NSW pre-LAMs, the U-Turn box was 4.7m and I could just handle that on my GS500F. I found that you needed to completely enter the box before initiating the U-Turn if I was to complete the old box successfully.

    HART (at St Ives) do their MOST practice on the 4.7M box and only move to the 6.1M box for the actual test.
  6. G'day

    Go say Hi in the Welcome Lounge!

    GS500F here and passed the MOST with no points - U-turns now second nature and doing them within the confines of the box is easy.

    Practice makes perfect.

    Getting advice helps.

    Some things that might help...
    • Practice your friction point, throttle an back brake balance so that your bike pulls you through the turn.
    • Make sure you have a few rev's cracked on.
    • If your GS500 is like most other GS500's then the back brake squeals - view this as an indicator that you are doing it right when using the brake to steady you through the turn.
    • Stay away from the front brake - DO NOT COVER THE LEVER AT ALL.
    • Do not go too slow as you will be very unstable - If you are going very slow try incrementally increasing your speed and figure out what feels comfortable for you.
    • Make sure you whip your head around to look where you want to go - do not focus on the exit of the u-turn box instead look up the "road". As you begin your turn your head should be looking almost as far behind you as you can swivel your neck and you should be looking toward the horizon and not down at the ground.
    • Don't worry about going outside the u-turn box until you feel confident you are turning the bike in a nice stable and controlled fashion with no fear of the ground
    • Once you are ready to start reducing the turning circle then try adding a bit of lean to the bike and counter balance with your body in the opposite direction (this is where the extra speed helps)
    • Finally - If you cross the line in your test you won't fail unless you do a few other thigns wrong

    To answer your Homebush practice range question - yes it is a closed off section of road that you can access whenever you want. The elements are all laid out with yellow and green tape so you can go there and practice whenever you wish. Most Saturdays there are people from here down there at about 1:00PM. Read the first post in the NSW Learner Thread for details and check the last posts for more info on the upcoming weekend.

    Welcome to NR.

    Fun Ha!
  7. Thanks for the replies....think I'll be right. Just that yesterady I did some practise turns on our street which is on a bit of an incline and slopes away a bit each side. Mostly could do it, just a sometimes went wide. On the flat should be ok, I''ll go out to Homebush on the weekend and see how I go. Just want to be sure its ok to do MOST on my type of bike.

    I'll try the welcome lounge. Cheers
  8. hi

    i ride a GS500 and passed the test recently and did the u-turn without mishap

    the u-turn felt tricky on my first attempts but the key is to do the techniques what ohmygosh is saying and then keep practicing

    the homebush practice is well worth going to in my opinion

    it gives you that extra confidence on the day of the test as you know exactly what to expect

    from what i can gather pretty much everyone who goes to the homebush practices has been passing first time

    theres a bloke called gnome who frequents these forums he also has a GS500 and is most definetely the uturn master
  9. Another GS500 rider here with no problems.
    Practice at Homebush helps :)

    Fast idle, clutch control, rear brake and look where you want to go.
    Just stare at the exit point as you enter the box.
  10. Yet another who passed first time with a GS500. Practice and you'll be fine.
  11. As the others say, it's all about practice.

    Start off practicing in a car park. Then if you live on a quiet street, instead of just turning into your driveway when you go home, try riding past and then doing a U-turn each time you go home. Pretty soon you will have clocked up hundreds of U-turns.
  12. Computer issue caused double post
  13. nah, forget about that GS500. What you need is a CB400, you won't even need to practice. Then you can come with us to Terrigal Saturday instead ;)
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  15. My 650FU is in the shop right now, with a tyre repair, and I've been commuting on a GS500 hire bike. Compared to my machine it seems a little unrefined, but its easier to turn at slow speeds and the lighter weight makes it very easy to control when doing filtering in stopped traffic.

    You should be able to do the pre-provisional test without any problems at all; the bike turns very tightly on full lock at slow speed.

    The biggest two things that helped me to remember was to slip the clutch while keeping the revs up and getting my weight off the side of the bike.

    If you keep your arse planted in the seat, the turning circle will be worse than if you stand up and shift your weight off the bike so that the bike is leaning to the outside of the turn.
  16. Is this such a wise thing to say a few days before 5 or more GS riders come up your way this weekend? ;)

    By the way, insomniac, if you're in Sydney, come along the Learner sessions we hold most Saturdays (not this one as we are all going up to Terrigal for the Anniversary ride) and we will help you get inside that box. We may even mount our steeds to demonstrate and re hash our own MOST skills again ;)

  17. No probs, NUT is coming to rescue me
  18. Well I think you two have jumped to the top of the list of suspects for knocking my bike over!

    Jealousy of our gargantuan gaggle of GS's will not be tolerated!

    Meanwhile to the OP. If you're in Sydney, come along the L sessions in Homebush. We all come from all over Sydney so if you need a chaperone for the first time round just post in the thread and we will get you there

  19. psst! it was Goz:bolt:
  20. Well thanks for the advice guys, and aahh didn't mean to start a CB400 v GS 500 war....I mean seriously GS500 wins hands down doesn't it? :)) So no need for petty rivalries.

    Think I'll go out to Homebush this weekend (i know you guys won't be there) ...I believe the marking / course are laid out. Cheers.