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pre-provisional course at Stay Upright

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by achislenk, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. G'day Everyone,

    i booked myself a pre-provisional course at Stay Upright training centre in Clyde.

    It's due in a month or so. What they've told me at rta it's a one day course with a pass/fail test in the end.

    I was thinking maybe i should practice myself first , cause i don't feel confident as a rider at all. I'm on my L's and riding for a month and half. This is basically riding to work (North Sydney) and back during the week, to woolworths on weekends and occasionally when hunting for spare parts for my bike to places like Rydalmere (I live in Epping). There's a saying, btw, like "need a car to drive to spare parts shops" "Since i bought a car, i have so much time now. Today for example, i took it to a mechanic to change tyres, then fixed new [carbs],, etc.. "

    Ok, back to business,

    Does anyone know a place around Epping/Marsfield or somewhere else where I can practice my riding skills. The skills that are required for the pre-P exam., If someone know what do they (guys in Clyde) expect me to be able to do , it'd be great if you can share.


    Suzuki gn250
    Bought off ebay for $1000, fixed , registred and riding (with a smile on my face - my first bike!))
  2. This is the link to the RTA site that tells you what you will need to do to pass the P's test.

    You will have many hours of practise on there range , of what you will be asked to do in the test , before you actually have to do the test.

    Good luck.

  3. i heard that clyde has practice nights but cant be sure. give them a call.
  4. Thanks guys.

    I think i don't have to worry cause it seems they will train me for the test . (As Grange has told me, cheers mate!)
  5. yeah you get an hour or so of practice after they show you each move. still worth an afternoon in the local carpark with chalk to make sure you nail it.
  6. i did the test out at Clyde

    not a bad course, but if you get the old guy he is very strict.

    out of our group of 6, only myself and another guy passed.

    oooo notice you are riding a GN250 :)
    - he knocked back my Suzuki Gn250. rear brake had a bracket missing but didnt affect the bike at all (and my bike has been through numerous friends p's test all over sydney, this was the only time it was knocked back).

    p.s. do you have any GN spares ? :)

    i didnt practice for the test, just did it all on the day.

    good luck...
  7. Hi All,


    you scare me off, man.. I don't know "the old guy". I was trained for my Ls by a very nice guy from Upright, his name is Jethro. He was rather liberate, everyone passed their Ls.

    What am i doing different now from what they've tought me:

    1. Use front brake instead of rear when moving from stand still. (the frictionpoint) which is somewhat weird, becaus i have to manipulate both the throttle and the brake lever with my right hand at the same time.

    2. I have a habit of keeping my fingers (middle, middle/firsts) on the levers. And generally when squezing a lever i often keep my first finger on the handlebar or to rephrase i tend to always grip handlebars with my first finger and thumb, can you picture that?

    As far as i recall at school they teach you should always grip the handlebars with all fingers and use your four fingers to squeze the lever while keeping your thumb on the handlebar.

    The reason i'm doing it my way is obvious, i'm afraid that a bump on the road will knock my hand off the handlebar.

    GN is a lovely bike, however the seat is too low for me. Do you know if there's a way to raise the seat?

    poka poka (means bye for now)


    i've got a spare master cylinder, but
    i'll save it for myself, sorry mate!:)

    I usually shop parts:

    second hand

    Address: 5 South Street
    Rydalmere New South Wales 2116
    Phone: +61 2 96387140


    Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers & Workshop
    23 Euston Rd
    NSW, 2015
    (02) 9565 5788