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pre-provisional course and test.. <<<PASSED>&gt

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by althasaur, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. wohoo... booked myself in for the pre provisional course and test at Clyde, on the 24th of December.. :D

    on my way to a "full" restricted license <over 30 be I :p>
    Need to find an empty car park soon to practice.. :)
  2. Hi althasaur.

    Mate fill in your profile with where you live ,so people can tell you where the places around your area that someone has already painted on a car park ground.

    There is one at homebush in P5 car park ,or go out to Port botany and use the one on Prince of wales drive.

    or the one. . . . . . . . :wink:

    Oh and good luck ,its just as much fun as the L's day.
  3. Re: pre-provisional course and test..

    mate i'll coem and cheer you on as I've got my in jan and me too is over 30 :0)
  4. details are updated... :) I live in merrylands btw...
  5. HAHAHA ,Im next door by the way. :LOL:

    Send me your mobile number via PM and if I get a day off this weekend ,we can ride over to homebush and I'll go threw the test with you if you like.
  6. Thanks for the offer Sleddog, though I have my son this weekend...

    Might have to wait until the kmart car park emptys a bit..

    pm on the way though...
  7. Ok mate no worries ,I'll sms you my number later ,and just sms me one if your plaining a last minute practice and if im not working {shift work} I can come down and give you a few tips.
  8. Tips for the MOST provisional test

    1 Don’t worry about the left turn stop in box; you can do it as slow as you can balance very easy

    2 The cones are so far apart in the weave that you have no problems going round them and the u turn box is so huge I could do it in a 70's chopper.

    3 The brake test is easy enough if your brakes are ok, don’t clinch, just squeeze harder and harder, don’t worry about going in the low 20's he will adjust stoppage for higher speeds.

    4 This 1 you should worry about, the obstacle turn. I did mine perfectly at an indicated 21 kph only to be told I did 19 kph, so I got one more try, it was pass or fail if I stuffed it up. I went around 30kph (doesn’t matter if your over 25kph) to make sure I was well over , but at a higher speed your cutting the gap tight, I squeezed passed the tennis balls by mm

    Result passed with 0 points, but if I hit that ball its instant fail unlike the other tests too can hit a cone touch a line and still pass. Don’t forget the head checks too
  9. So anyone know any good places to practice for the pre-provisional on the Northern Beaches, please?

    Doing mine, or planning to in mid-January.

  10. Do the post learners at HART ST IVES,close to northern beaches area its around $150 and they give you the bike of your choice (all hondas) They give you plenty of practice runs of the skills test to pass the Provs, goodluck
  11. Hi Tom

    I'm already booked on that course for the 13th of Jan. I'm hoping to do the Pre-provisional the weekend after that :grin:

  12. Guys go to the RTA website all the info is on there about the size of the U turn box and the distance between the cone weave etc...

    Get some chalk and a tape measure ,find a empty car park.

    Sorry mate ,been flat out this weekend ,and see you got your test monday.
    So 2 tips, HEAD CHECK ..HEAD CHECK.

    Turn you head before you move off "head check" and REALLY over do it ,not just a slight glance to the side ,and make sure the instructor sees you so it.

    And you will have HEAPS of time to practice on the day and its a full days lesson also ,not just a test day.
    If you %70 ready ,you will be fine with the tips you get and the practice to make you 100% by the time the 5 minute test is done at the end off the day.

    Good luck and let us know how you went. :)
  13. Passed..

    Lol.. forgot 1st head check and put foot down in u turn... all up 4 points lost... but all good....

    I PASSED...

    now where is that 1800 cc postie bike that I can afford? :p
  14. Hey congrats mate , time for a big bike. :grin: