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Pre Pre Learner Motorcycle Course?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cappuccino, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. I am looking to get into motorcycle riding. From my understanding I can go for a pre learner motorcycle course, then go to get my learner license. I understand that the pre learner motorcycle courses are for absolute beginners with no previous riding experience.

    However, I don't even ride a bicycle let alone a motorcycle! Haha. So I probably have no sense of balance what so ever. Is there like a pre pre learner motorcycle course?

    Otherwise, maybe you folks can recommend any Sydney based teachers that work with learners like myself.

    BTW, how do you folks find balancing a motorcycle vs a bicycle? Easier? Harder? Does it matter much?

  2. Don't know about Sydney but they do in Victoria so im sure they would to
  3. Similar but not exactly the same. Anything other than the standard course structure would be individual one on one lessons. They are more expensive but if you can take that path. You may be over worrying though, most of the beginner courses are tailored around absolute newbies.

    Borrow a pushie and give it a go.
  4. maybe borrow a push bike first and if you can balance that then you should have no problems with the pre learner course. This are actually tailored for complete beginners.
    When i did my course, one the guys in my group had no previous experience in motorbikes too, but when we had a go at it, he was actually surprised how "easy it was". His own words.

    So good luck, and try to have fun
  5. I didn't even know how to ride a bicycle when I went to the pre learners. There's was this chick that stacked her bike like 3 times (she still got her license) at the pre learners and I'm pretty sure you have to do some stupid shit to top that off. Unless you have some extreme coordination condition, they will teach you everything in the pre learners ☺
  6. pre-learners course is split 2 days in NSW.
    at least some of the training centres let you spread them out.. so you could do the first (easy) day, then spend a week or so riding a bicycle maybe? then go do second day.

    if you have concerns, call the training centre you are thinking of, tell them your worries, and they should be able to work something out for you.
    if they can't.. call a different training centre.
  7. Don't over panic about the pre-learners.

    It really is for complete beginners.

    If you listen, and do what you are told, it will just work..... honest!

    Most humans have a surprising sense of balance...... just look how hard it is for bi-pedal robots to be programmed to walk and run.

    There are very few people indeed who have serious trouble with the requisite balance to ride a bike.

    Keep your head UP and look where you want to go.
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