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Pre-paying for petrol at night

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by moto2, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. The other night while out in the car, I pulled up to a large petrol station, got out ready to fill up and discovered the pumps were on prepaid. Normally I would avoid such stations but I needed fuel so I had to go along with it.

    I always fill the car right up when I stop so I never know how much petrol I want which is the main reason for normally avoiding pre-pay stations. So anyway I go in, leave my credit card with the attendant and go and fill up.

    This has now got me thinking about the whole thing and am really now a bit sus of the whole thing. The whole issue of trust has been taken from me and is now placed with them. If I fill up and drive off without paying the most I am going to steal from them is a retail value of $90-$100. If the attendant decides to copy the details of my card I could lose thousands if he decides to do some on-line shopping when he gets home. By the time I got my statement I would never be able to trace it back to that attendant on that night.

    I am not against pre-paying but the pumps should be upgraded so I can swipe my card, fill up and have the amount put on the card when I hang the pump up.

    How do other people deal with having to pre-pay?
  2. they do this in America.
    where ironically, petrol is like a quarter or something of the price we pay.
    get a credit card with fraud protection. check it weekly online. ride more and stress less.
  3. Damn straight. The new caltex card system pisses me off as it only accepts its particular type of card as I understand it. Thats why I go to mobils mostly so I can swipe and ride away without having to take off the helmet or queue.

    Highly irritating when they have the swipe systems but they're not turned on. I make a point of not taking my helmet off and if asked to, I point out that I wouldn't be in there if they turned it on... either that or I pretend to not speak english/my religion forbids me taking it off. Depends what mood I'm in really..
  4. I just leave my licence, never been rejected on that...
  5. This happened to me last night at a servo that I have been filling up at for years.
    Pisses me right off for some reason. I guess it's because, they have cameras there for security... use those instead of breaking my balls. :p
  6. put your credit card account on line ..like i have (i'm with nab) to check your transactions stead of waiting for your statements to arrive in the mail which i still get monthly.. internet banking is easy and conveniant
  7. Problem is though if you leave your card at more than one service station over any given time, once you find a fraudulant transaction where do you start looking for the culprit. It could be anyone.
  8. that's a job for the police.
  9. Don't be silly, the Police don't do any work anymore... Nixon put a stop to that. :bolt:

  10. Just go to an all night open servo, give them your licence if it's prepaid, but downright refuse to give them credit card.

    OR go elsewhere that doesn't do this shit.
  11. just leave the savings card cos they can't access that. then when you go to pay use the c/card.
    or leave license as suggested.
  12. Thanks for the replies. My savings card has a debit visa on it so that isn't any good either.

    I didn't think of the licence thing, I just gave him the credit card. Will try that next time if I get stuck at a pre-pay again.

    You might be right too Loki, maybe I need to stress less.
  13. if you had some cash but wanted to put it on credit could you put down some cash and tell him you want to put it on the card?
  14. do u check the dockets and save them . banks have tighter sercurity now... even sms u if they found a unauthorise payment ..like NAB have on its internet banking
  15. just don't go to the dodgye ones - easy
  16. Leave the bike as collateral, use a long hose to fill it up.
  17. At least they let you fill up if your in a signwritten fleet vehicle so long as you flash them the fuel card in your hand before filling up (usually).

  18. that's what i do, just go down the road to the next guy.

    this is how it works, you want my business, you don't be a cock.

    and hence my actions dictate the market... the guy who sells pre-paid eventually fades out and becomes extinct... the guy who gives the customer what he wants prospers.
  19. Prepay used to be all the rage (10+ yrs ago) I presume this is exactly
    Why it dissapeared for a while.

    Unfortunately hard times means more drive offs.

    I agree tho. Go somewhere