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Pre-pay pump bullsh*t

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. :evil:
    Really pi**ed off this afternoon. Every man and his dog filling up normally. Here am I helmet, jacket and pack off on the ground waiting to fill up and..... nothing.

    Go to the counter and ask him to turn it on and get the 'pre-pay bike, pre-pay bike, pre-pay bike' BS. And I say 'why no pre-pay car with driver sitting in car and can make quick get away'? :grin: The laguage was deliberate :LOL:

    So I ask 'WTF", and there is a quick blurb about bikes making off with seven dollars worth of fuel!

    What mentality is this. Yeah, I bet I could really make tracks after filling up and taking 3 minutes to don my equipment before they notice my running off :roll: Idiots.

    So I pre-pay (bone dry tank else would have gone somewhere else) and go back to get my change. I made sure I cut to the front of the line and got a receipt as well!!!

    Seems we are being discrimnated left right and centre.

    So to end my rant. I rang the station management (from the receipt) and complained, by stating I regularly buy fuel for my car and many items from your shop. All which now will be care of a new station!
  2. here we go again :roll:

  3. what do expect!?

    you got some on two wheels who fill up while still in 'gear', sitting on the bike and then piss and moan about having to get off the bike to do so cus it's oh so time consuming. out of those you have a few who wreck it for the rest of us by taking off without paying.

    we're all thugs by association, man the fcuk up! :wink:
  4. :( I just feel sorry for the console operator who cops it when really it is out of their control. You did the right thing calling management.

  5. Thats a safety issue though, the pre pay bikes is not a safety issue at all it is purely there to lessen the risk of motorcycles stealing fuel. Cars have number plates on the front and back and are easily seen by cameras, bikes only have number plates on the rear and are smaller and harder to see. Although I do not agree with only motorcycles having to prepay please be aware these procedures were not put in place just to get you frustrated and upset, they were implemented for a reason as a last resort because criminals are targeting a particular service station and stealing fuel which will most likely never be recovered or the offender caught.
  6. And you're assuming that these cars have legit plates. Lots of them have either stolen or obscured plates or the car itself is stolen.
  7. I don't buy the "bikes only have a rear number plate" argument. Surely servos have more than just one camera on the building watching the pumps, and if they do, if you pulled up to the pumps facing away from the building, what would they do then?
  8. isnt that really an issue solved by a properly designed security camera system?

    if i come across this, id just walk out, put my gear back on and go to the next station.
  9. And the majority of cars that fill with stolen plates will do a runner and steal the fuel. There is not much they can do about this, however some will not as with full video footage of the forecourt the police will be very interested to see who was in a stolen car/stolen plates that was caught on camera.
  10. Don't blame the system- blame retarded as f*ck attendants.

    Oh, and also the policy of some servos is that any fuel stolen is to be paid for by the attendant - no joking.
  11. I think it would also be stopped if people were not criminals who decided to steal fuel from service stations. You would be amazed how disgusting some managers are who make their console operator pay out of their own wage when people specifically steal fuel and they will not fork out the money for a better designed security system as you say. I agree with you though, just be polite and go someone else.
  12. I expect some brains. Point in case!

    I doubt if anyone will let some dude on a bike geared up fill the tank! Daah!

    But common sense should prevail. If someone is un-geared it is highly unlikely that they are going to do a runner.

    Second, how many vehicles that fill up at petrol stations are bikes (less than 1%?)
    And of that fraction percent how many are runners (1%). And of those who do do it, what fraction of a car's tank of gas are they actually away with (about 20%). I am making some assumptions here!

    All these mulitply to a tiny amount. A car average fill up ~$75, bike $20
    a thousand cars a day through a station might see half a dozen bikes.
    Of those, 1 in a hundred might fly?

    The math - cars total revenue 500*75 = $37,500
    Bikes total revenu 6*20 = $120

    Now if only one percent of the bikes run, thats like $1.20 lost revenue!

    well, all that policing is worthwile :LOL:

    End analysis, who cares, it so small a number.
    For the record, I have never seen this behaviour till today.
  13. I can't believe you even stated this? You do know that they have no say in the rules or regulations but are mostly on the firing line from customers when really it is out of their control? Why are console operators retarded? Don't shoot the messenger, they are trying to do their job as best they can enforcing rules and regulations that they had no say in or even agree with.

    The best thing you can do is, if you do not like it take your business elsewhere.
  14. I agree with you, the risk of losing fuel from motorcyclists is very small and not worth making them prepay in my opinion. A week ago there was a thread in netrider with the same thing with a BP service station. I'm not sure if you encountered the same station or its a state wide policy change that now all motorcyclists at BP will have to pre pay??
  15. +1
  16. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=41425
  17. I fill up on my bike, while sitting,geared up. Neveronce havei been knocked back EVER. that is in sydney and other parts of NSW.

    Must be a victorian thing :nopity:
  18. I only ever fill at BP around the corner from my house. No problem with filling and paying fully geared.
  19. i filled up at bp today and didnt prepay.
  20. The problem is that if they engaged their brain for a second they'd realise that a rider with all their gear off is the person least likely to do a drive(ride) off, even less than every other cager. Why would someone who is planning on stealing fuel do something that's going to make it take longer for them to leave, AND let everyone on the forecourt and the security cameras see their face?