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Pre-Paid Phone Cards - which one?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Toecutter, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. It is my son's birthday and am giving him an old phone of mine. So need to get a sim card.

    Having never had a pre-paid - any recommendations? Do they all work in any phone?

    He will not be using it much, so the one with the longest period between recharges/expiry would probably be the best.

    Many thanks in advance
  2. I have used telstra ("pre paid plus" its called) and i would strongly suggest you research ALL of the "other" brands. Phone price (outright purchase) was good value, but deal was not :(.

    I pay $10 just to keep making phone calls a month - after 1 month the credit expires (and from may it is now $15 per month just to keep it on the road). $20++ = two months credit etc etc. After 6 months (of no recharges) you lose your number. Most prepaid mobile phones are locked in to the service provider. After 12 months i can pay $30 etc to change service providers (and therefore unlock the phone). It now looks even more expensive - visit http://www.telstra.com.au/telstraprepaidplus/more/pph/callrates.htm for the prices. I also forgot to mention it takes 6 months for you to lose your number (without recharging) - this means your son can get incoming calls but cannot make them out.

    I pay 25c per sms (unless its prepaid plus to prepaid plus [1c text] NB this is NOT mobile to ANY telstra phone - it has to be telstra prepaid plus :( ). It's a rip for normal calls - something rediculous like 30c for connect thing 89c for 30sec after that. For more info on rip off rates visit http://www.telstra.com.au/telstraprepaidplus/index.htm To be honest - i would stay away from telstra prepaid plus - but at the same time - i dont know how much the other guys are.

    If you decide to connect to telstra - make sure you get the voice mail thing turned off - costs you money just to check it. If my parents want to contact me they sms!

    With hindesight i would not use telstra pre-paid plus :roll: - but thats my opinion and i havent had a look at the other providers. At least you can! Look for hidden costs. Also i forgot to mention - i dont use $10 (now $15worth of calls a month) and thats why i get so annoyed at telstra - you may so it wont be a problem for you.

    Click on my msn (if you've got it) for more info or just send me a pm.
    Hope this helps
    Evil-O :twisted:
  3. I've reverted MY mobile to a Vodafone pre-paid, since I'm not using it enough to justify a full plan.

    It's $30, and you have 60 days to use that credit, and you can arrange to have it topped up automatically from your credit card when it falls below a certain level..

    no hidden charges, and I have a spare brand new sim which I got with a new prepaid phone which you can have if you want, it hasn't ever been in a phone, and it's got a cool number.......
  4. Thanks for the replies guys

    I've just checked out Vodafone as well. Think I'll get him a $30 one - should hopefully last him a while and I'm on Vodafone so cheaper to ring me than SMS.

    Get a whole year to use your credit with the 365 Days value bundle. Available from your first recharge. Plus - pay just 20c for the whole call, Vodafone to Vodafone, anytime within Australia. Generous call caps apply. Standard call rates apply once your Vodafone to Vodafone minutes have been used.
    $20 $20
    $30 $30
    $50 $50
    $70 $70
    $100 $100
    $150 $150
    $200 $200
    Talk = 60c per minute for a standard call to a landline or mobile, charged by the second (plus 20c connection fee)
    TXT = 25c (excludes voting & premium TXT & TXT whilst roaming)
    Standard PXT™ = 50c, Video PXT™ = 75c

    [EDIT] - Sorry Mods if any T & C's have been breached....
  5. Hi Paul

    Thanks for the offer, am taking him down tomorrow and we'll try our luck and see how he goes picking some numbers.

    Regards Alex
  6. Where do i sign up LOL :) :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    - i shall get it changed later :roll:
    Cheers Mate :wink:
  7. Thanks Mouth, but that link doesn't list the expiry times, which is most important.