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pre-newbie from Sydney :P

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MsErin01, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. Hi :) Complete newbie here, haven't even done my pre-;learners yet. All booked in for next week in Sydney. I'm a little curious for shorter riders doing the pre-learners and kind of nervous about being completely uncoordinated!! I don't drive a manual car and have ridden a scooter maybe once overseas :p Anyone else had a similar situation? :love: And not failed first time feel free to reassure me hehe :love:

  2. Welcome to the forum! Just read as much as you can of the new riders section, there are plenty of tips and also some similiar stories.. Some of it will only make sense later on. Most importantly, just be relaxed. Good luck and try and have fun!
  3. erin - are you hot>?

    oh and the learners is a piece of piss....only remotely hard part would be the comp test now (used to basically be the same as the car l's but i think they've recently changed it) ....as for the practical test....most of it's learning...as long as you can at the end of the course display that you can start your bike....do your headchecks .....change gears...brake...and indicate ...basically...ride a bike fkn slowly without crashing/killing the instructor...you'll probably pass.
  4. Thanks... Well fingers crossed for next week then... i can't wait :) :) :)
  5. LOL Yeah i do remember doing that comp test back in the day. I had a look it hasn't changed (apart from the additional red P and Green P. Luckily it's mostly common sense...

    But... There should be a pre-pre learners course where they don't mark you pass/fail and just teach you stuff :p Oh well, if i fail i will be back every week until i get it haha
  6. Hi Erin from another shortie. I had only driven an automatic for 20 years (but have a manual licence) and Im 5 foot 1 inch tall, and even so, successfully got my bike licence. So dont worry, just take it one step at a time, and if I can do it, so can you!
  7. Welcome Erin :) You'll do fine. Just take in all that the instructor says, and try not to rush things. I had a tiny girl doing her learners with me, at the start she was wobbling all over the place on the scooter, but after lots and lots of practice she managed to get a lot better and passed :)
  8. Hi fellow shorty hehe i'm 5 foot 3 :) Awesome, thanks :)
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  9. My wife is 5 foot 4. Her only issues were (and is again after an off) confidence and over thinking. Once she got her confidence (and even now) she has no problems riding bigger bikes, like my 1200 Bandit.

    My advice is not to put any pressure on yourself and don't over think it, just do it. There is no shame in failing at your first or even second attempt.