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Pre Ls

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Banana.Monster, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. Woot, I finally am doing my Pre L course at stay upright Clyde, good fun, I havnt dropped it (yet), someone in another group did and Im a bit wobbly but Im doing OK, its much easier to keep going then it is to start :D, anyways, I have the second day tomorrow and hopefully I will have my Ls on wednesday :D

  2. haha so fun isn't it! i've got a month before i get my l's and i'm already stoked :grin: enjoy tomorrow
  3. enjoy it buddy... gudluck... :biker:
  4. its near impossible to fail... they just want to see if you can be able to do the basics.
  5. Enjoy it man, thats all i can say, its alot of fun and get to know your fellow riders, its a great two days!

    Looking forward to riding with you some time!
  6. Thanks guys. It has been fun so far, but I have two things wrong with this, first the bikes are too small for me (Im glad my mate didn't have a CB250 to sell me :D), and secondly, they don't have any helmets that fit me properly, lucky I have my helmet already so I can just use that tomorrow
  7. I did mine last week there :LOL:

    Goodluck for tommorrow!! :cool:
  8. Drop the bike and know what it feels like...beats dropping your bike on the bituman or in my case seeing your baby slide whilst your best mate slides with it at 2km/h...nothing you can do but at least you know what it feels like.

    I got my Ls there about 1 month ago and its one of the best things i have ever done.
  9. The girl who crashed yesterday ended up bruising her collerbone and couldnt do the second day, that must suck.
  10. :shock: how did she manage to do that lol

    Did ya pass BM?
  11. Yes I did :D, just gotta go down to the RTA tomorrow and do the computer test ad I will hve my Ls :D
  12. Congrats on passing ! :cool:

    I'm contemplating wether i should go do my computer course or not cause i'd hate to have a licence and no bike!! :LOL: i did that last time and well didnt end up with a bike :( lol

    Computer course in a sinch should be able to pass easy unless u cant read english :LOL: * no offense to people who cant* :wink:
  14. haha yer i did my first day yesterday (Tuesday) and will complete the second part tommorow (thursday) its been heaps of fun on the first day, getting to know a few people, even though i am the youngest there at (16yrs 1week :p ) and the majority are around mid twentys and a few 40yr olds. I found it very easy - (prob cos ive already rode a bike before :) )

    i suprised how efficient the bookin process was as it only took 6 days to get in to do the course - i was suprised as i heard from others it was like a 4-6 week waiting period.

    whats the computer test, we dont get that down here in adelaide (i dont think)

  15. Its the same as the computer test we have to do for our car Ls.

    You guys have lots of free spots, it seems everywhere in sydney except clyde is booked for MONTHS :S. I was also the youngest person at my course.
  16. I have my Ls noow, done only 14Ks today so far but its so much fun :D
  17. I've my Pre L's on may 2nd and 3rd in Clyde, I have booked it on 1st of march. If I wanted to do it on weekend I had to wait till June. Also Botany Bay is fully booked out and they didn't have any free spots.
  18. I booked mine on the 9th of march for the 9th and 10th of april at clyde, noo one at the course was from the area :S
  19. I've got mine at clyde too , im doing it this weekend i only just booked it a few horus ago! , i was expecting a hell of a wait but they just said 'we have a cancelation for this weekend , would you like to do it then?' i had to stop myself screaming 'HELL YES!!!!' down the phone at the lady haha

    what did you guys think of the course? what kinda things did they teach you?
  20. Congratz dude! Get out there and get riding, i think i did over 150km's the first day, just couldnt get enough!

    If your feeling confident or just wanna come meet a few other L riders then come along to our ride


    There are a few peeps coming down from your area if you dont wanna ride alone to the meeting point alone.