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Pre L's rider. Looking for help on bike and licsense

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rcdarkangel, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I have been browesing the forums for sometime and I am continually surprised at the quality of the information that is provided by you guys. With this in note I would like to ask you a few questions.

    I have been riding most of my life in the country however I am new with road bikes and riding so I would just like some guidance.

    First of all does anyone have any more info on exactly what the L learners course is like?

    Secondly I am looking at picking up a bike however I may have to delay that as I only have 4000 as I have put away about 1800 for gear.

    That may sound a little extreme however I have already had a few accidents in my previous riding time riding dirt bikes and such. I was riding once and hit a rock doing about 70 Km's and smashed my front teeth in from not wearing a helmet. So this time I would like to make sure that I am protected and good at all times.

    I am looking at a CBR250rr or something similar, perhaps even the zzr-250? Something decent but I think I will have to put away another couple of grand first.

    Anyway anything that would be usefull would be great!

    And lastly hello to you all and thanks!
  2. Firstly you should updte your profile to indicate where you are. Each state has different testing procedures for L's and P's.

    In Vic the L's are pretty easy to obtain. Just spend a day doing a learners course, do the prac exam then the written exam and hey presto you can ride on the road.
  3. Hi,

    Heh sorry for that forgot. I am in NSW located near Gosford.

    I have been told that the nearest training center is wyong I do believe.
  4. If you're not new to bikes then getting your L's will be easy, in NSW you just do 2 half days, the 1st day is mostly pushing each other on the bike and going in a straight line, at the end of the first day you ride around in an oval. 2nd day just ride round, stop, do figure 8s, indicate, just use 1st and 2nd gear. At end of 2nd day, they set up a small round course where you practice stopping at a stop sign, turning a corner, merging with other traffic, etc. I had never ridden a bike before so was a bit harder for me, but I passed - I did the Ls course on a dirt bike, but I rode a road bike on my restricted licence. Then just read the motorcycle road rules book on line and after you do the Ls course, do the computer test (also, you can practise the computer test on line too).
  5. L's course i a piece if piss, providing you show a general attitude that your not going to go out and kill yourself, you will be right, only one person has ever failed at the testing centre i went to, and thats because the said individual, could not hold the bike up for more then 5 seconds
  6. Sounds easy enough. Just a little odd about the whole thing because I was never a road rider thats all.

    Now this may sound odd but just look at the smooth round tyres and the tarmac and think loss of traction. Meh I will get over it.

    Just the bike im still looking for now. So many to choose from! Its like a nightmare.
  7. more grip with that smooth tyre on the tarmac then knobbies on dirt :LOL:

    just remember not to buy the first bike in your price range that you like the look of, have any bike your thinking about buying checked over by a mechanic or a friend that knows alot about the mechanics of a bike
  8. Yeah I got a freind that is gonna look at any bike I go for. Im holding off for a little while until I get gear and what not anyway.
  9. good man well hope to catch up out on the road in the not too distant future
  10. don't rush getting ur bike...always take ur time.....get the one that makes u :p .

    i remember my first bike, i found a cbr250r for 2300 with a couple of months rego....passed rwc without any problems (only fuse cover was missing).

    great bike to learn on