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pre learners

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by marz, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. hey guys,
    sorry if this has been answered before and if its in the wrong section,
    just wanted to know where i can do a pre L's before going for my permit. i live in the western suburbs of melbourne (braybrook/sunshine area) and im not TOO bothered to drive out somewhere thats not too far.by experience is it worth doing it and how much will it cost? i would have gone and booked straight for the permit if i hadnt come across an inquiry about Pre L's, but it seems the smarter choice to do- thanks for the help guys, im a total noob here. :grin:

  2. I did mine @ Ridetek in Dandenong last year. I found them searching in the partners list and cause i am a member of NetRider it didn't cost me a thing. Saved me $60.00.

    You could try DECA in Altona Nth

    www dot deca dot com dot au/Index dot aspx
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  4. StayUpright ..Hoppers Crossing.
  5. Rider Brothers, Calder Park
  6. My understanding is the Pre-Learners and Pre-Provisional are compulsory. Once you've done both, and you are a mature-aged driver (ie. 30 years and over, AND (the bit they forget to mention at the riders course, which I clarified with the RTA) - have held your NSW drivers license for 5 years or more), you can go straight to unrestricted after the Pre-Prov. course. Otherwise you have to have your P's for 12 months.
  7. Ummm

    Thats NSW, Vic has no pre anything.
    You just do your L test and 2 day course. They issue you the L's on the day.

    The full licence course is te same 3 months later. 2 Day course, test and then you get a P or full licence depending if you already have a full car licence.

    Also there is no mature age concession in Vic.
  8. Sucks to be in NSW then! :(
  9. ummm, not always.
    I did my L's in 3 hours, and that included watching the video and the written test.
    The P's test was also done in about 3 hours.
    Strech and I did our P's together, and celebrated with lunch in Marysville.
  10. i did my L's at HART in tullamarine, it was the 2 day course that took me from no experience to having my L's. There was a 1 day course available if you had some experience.

    very much recommend it, it was around $250 or something
  11. thanks heaps for the quick reply guys, much appreciated.!!