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Pre-learners tomorrow!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by nickt, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. and rain forecast! gah! should be fun though.. i'm very nervous/excited. :D

    my pretty bike has been waiting for me at sydney city cycles since monday (pending L's).. bank cheque all ready.. just need that piece of plastic!

    I should sleep.. I gotta be there by 7.45am! dunno how much sleep i'll get though. :grin:
  2. Good luck.

    You'll be fine :)
  3. Good luck with the learners course.
    I was excited too the day before mine.
    You'll be fine...... :grin:
  4. Just like every virgin...excited, confused and wanting more. :LOL:

    GOOD LUCK MATE CB250!!!!!!!!!!
  5. good luck mate! too late now, you'll be at the training centre as we speak heh. which training centre did you book in at?

    take care riding your new baby home fresh on your L's all the way from Sydney to Wollongong :shock:
  6. Good luck Nickt, you cant really do too much wrong at the pre-learners, so just relax and enjoy what they have to teach. It is going to be one exciting week for you, once you have that licence and pick up the new toy!!!
  7. Good Luck nickt!!
    Looking forward to your post when you pick up your lil baby blade :p
  8. Thanks all!!! just got back from the first day. :grin: :grin:

    a few stalls, but overall pretty good! can't wait for tomorrow!

    the guy even gave us homework to see if we were listening (just a simple 2 page fill in the blanks thing).

    Now to study for the computer test some more and hopefully L's tomorrow by lunchtime! yaay! :grin: :grin:
  9. gl bud, you'll get that license, I didn't sleep at all night before the test, went through the day with 2 red bulls lol
  10. Mine is on Saturday same situation My RS125 is waiting for me when i get my L's
  11. I'm doing it at Unanderra :) It was available tues/thurs this week as opposed to all the Sydney ones booked out for 2 months. I live down here on weekends so it was just easier to take 2 days off work and come back early.

    I'm getting my bike in Sydney so it might be a while before I ride it back down to gong.. hopefully i'll build enough confidence quickly so I can ride back and do the P's test down here as well, but i'll see how I go and take it slow. :)
  12. well... did you win?
  13. Funny about not sleeping. When I booked for my L's, failing the test hadn't even crossed my mind. Although I had no idea what was really going to face me, I still hadn't thought of failing.

    The first day over and the last part of the day was doing the slow ride, for some reason i struggled with it. When I left I thought, SHIT. There is a chance I could fail this damn test tomorrow. I didn't sleep all night either.

    Next morning practice again. Slow ride? breezed it. Don't know what i was going through the day before, but the second day I was flying through it.

    So I know what you mean about no sleep. What was worse for me, i'd told that many people I was going for it, and then thought, OHHH LA LA< what do I tell them if i fail. How embarassing!!!!!
  14. Second day complete, Certificate Received, went straight for the computer test and passed (only one question wrong.. stupid stop sign badly worded question...) yay!! :grin: :grin:

    Thanks for all the wishes of luck, i'll most likely post pics of my bike I should be getting tomorrow!

  15. congrats mate! now to get that bike and a well earned sleep :grin:
  16. Woohoo!!!!!


    Are you going to ride her home?
  17. I'm not sure! I haven't done any traffic riding yet.. I think I may ask for it to be delivered and just go out at night and find a carpark (know anything near chatswood?) to practice in first.

    btw congrats on 100 posts :p
  18. I'd personally ask it to be delivered.
    If you are feeling confident and brave you could ride it home during the early afternoon (before all the kiddies get picked up by the big bad bike squishing SUV's)
  19. Congratulations Nickt!!! Bet you're relieved?

    :applause: :applause: :woot: :applause: :applause:

    I think you're on the right track with getting it delivered.. Then you will be on roads you are familiar with... Makes a big difference.
  20. aw dammit. I rang to find out about delivery and he said the bike wont be ready tomorrow.. I have to wait till monday arvo :( might just go in and get my gear then..