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Pre-Learners Riding Course

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by aste9974, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Hi, I'm booked into a pre-learners riding course at honda australia st ives, what should I expect? Any tips? What is the format of the course/ each lesson? Stuff I should look out for/ sneaky tricks instructors pull?

    I booked manual not automatic.

    I have ridden mountain bikes with lots of gears before.

    For nonNSW people this course has a pass or fail grade, not just instruction but also assessment.
  2. I went there & am returning for my P's next month.

    I found it a good course. I had never ridden a motorcycle before. They start you off slow (by pushing each other on your bikes before you actually start them). They go through basics in gears, braking, turning, indicating, headchecks etc.

    Overall, I found it extremely helpful. There are no nasty tricks as the instructors know that you don't know squat & that you're scared poo-less, so don't worry about that.

    It's a good day & you'll find yourself racing off to the RTA for the L's in no time. With that, do the online practice test a few times before sitting the actual knowledge test as the questions are pretty much the same.
  3. Sorry to ask this, but I can't for the life of me find this online practice rider test. If you could link it, it would be much appreciated.

  4. Um, what the heck is a SMV Motorcycle (with special mobility vehicle restriction).

    Someone care to explain more?

  5. Think this sums it up....

    A Nippi is a three wheeled Special Mobility Vehicle that enables a person in a manual wheelchair to enter the vehicle via a ramp, fasten the seat belt and drive on roads and road related areas (at normal traffic speeds) while remaining seated in the wheelchair.
  6. Ok, I finished day one of the Pre-Learners rider course, the instructor seemed to think everyone was progressing fine. Day one is basically how to physically ride a bike, i.e, gears, brakes, turning, etc. Day two is how to ride safely, granted you know the basics of riding a bike.

    What kinds of tests are there on day 2? Are they hard? I think some people I met today were taking more than 2 days to complete the course, is the second day a killer?

    Are we taught much or mostly just tested on day 2?

    Also I finished my homework, the Motorcycle rider pre-learner course questionnaire, and finished all questions :D.
  7. I did my Pre-learners last week at Rouse Hill.

    Essentially, the two days are competency based. Every thing they teach you, they demonstrate, then you do it. If you can do it (i.e. you're competent) then you have passed that module and they move onto the next thing. I think the dude who taught us siad there were 30 modules of about 15mins each over the two half-days.

    The pattern for second day is the same as the first - they tell you what you need to know, demonstrate, then you have a go - it's just more about turning and stopping, it isn't too hard. I was expecting a specific test at the end too, but it didn't happen. Each module is tested as you progress through.

    So hey, you've passed half of the tests and didn't know it!
  8. The pre-learners is more an evaluation rather than an actual test. You're being taught roadcraft and bike familiarity to get you started on the road. For never-ever's it's a lot to take in and can be mentally tiring (hence why it's run over 2 x ½ day sessions).

    PS. You doing a morning or afternoon session? I might drop in and say g'day if you want to meet a fellow NR rider (I'm down at Mona Vale and it's just a short blat up to St Ives).
  9. Sure, it's all good. I'm in the 11am - 2:30pm session, however the instructor might get a bit pissed if you're hanging around while we get assessed, there is one 20 minute break apparently, although I didn't make a note of where it started, I assume it's halfway through the 3 and 1/2 block.
  10. I know the place... g/friend did her MOST there. I'll come up around 12-ish and hang around the lunchroom. I'll be the old geezer in the white/orange Berik leather jacket with a white Shoe helmet.
  11. hmmm. how does the L's work in NSW? What is the "pre-learners"?

    In Vic, I went to HART, did 2 days which included learning to ride, plus the theory test and prac test. Walked away with my L's. Is it not the same in NSW?
  12. Pretty much, minglis. They start from the ground up 'this is how to get ON a motorcycle' and gradually progress to you nicely pootling around a pre-mapped traffic route. Very gradual, very basic. Theory is also a part of the course. You take that slip to the RTA, do a computer test and walk off with your license.

    Only ever seen one person 'fail', and thats because she was a 50y/o woman who was about 5ft tall and maybe 40kg sopping wet. She was learning so she could help with her husbands GoldWing on an upcoming trip. She realised that wasn't going to happen after having trouble with the CB250's and opted out.

    Cheers - boingk
  13. OK, so, sounds the same, except you have to go to the RTA to do the test. Cheers.
  14. OK I finished my pre-learners, got my certificate now heading to the RTA to do the L's test for motorcycles.

    Any tips, hints, common pitfalls?
  15. As long as you know basic road rules, and have hammered the online test enough times, you should be ok.

    My son did the learners course at penrith , earlier in the week, and did the RTA computer test yesterday and passed. He just made sure that he did the online test over and over....
  16. Dammit, I ran out of time to do the L's test today, gotta trek down to Bondi Junction early tomorrow morning... :(
  17. You usually have to book to do the test on saturdays, mon - fri, just turn up....
  18. Ok, I passed the test, and I now have my L's for a manual "Motor Cycle".

    Now I have to buy a bike. What should I get? New/Used?

    The bike MUST be on this list, because I'm a learner:


    How much do new bikes cost, what kind of range of prices am I talking about here?

    Also how much do used bikes cost?

    Is there a minimum price you have to pay to get a used bike that works?

    Also Helmets, gloves, jacket, boots, pants?

    I don't even know any motorcycle shops, I'm basically near St. Leonards but I'm happy to travel around Sydney to a New/Used bike dealer who knows their stuff/good value etc.

    Or even classifieds? Newspaper?

    I have no idea about this stuff.