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Pre-learners + Ls + 2011 cbr250r

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by toisanact, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. Hi netriders!

    I will be going for my Pre-learners this weekend 12/3/11-13/3/11 at Clyde and then soon the L's test!! :)

    I have already put a deposit for the new bike and am wondering what are your views on this bike?

    i'm 167cm, 53kg, I have only ridden a scooter before, and i'm not too sure if the bike will suit me but its not too expensive and i dont really have the time (or have friends that have the time) and knowledge to look for used bike privately or at a dealer because of uni and work.

    I'm buying it at parramatta action mc, do you think its a good idea to buy all the gear as well on the day? BTW the day i'll pick it to ride it, ill need to ride it all the way home (near campsie, 40min ride), do you think i should get a mate to ride it home?

    thanks in advance!

  2. Hi and welcome on board. Take a look at this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this thread for all the information you seek on the new new 2011 Honda CBR250R.
  3. May be a good idea to get a mate to ride it home if you have limited riding experience, I had my first ride along Parramatta road too and it was not very good but I had a bit more experience than some other L platers so it wasn't too bad. Seeing as though you've ridden a scooter before you should have the balance etc but your clutch control might not be very good however from what I've heard the CBR has a very good clutch in terms of ease of use being a single and very light. From all the reviews I've read the CBR is a very very good bike for your L's - quite a torquey engine which is perfect for commuting around. I had a 4cyl 250 and am actually going to go test ride one too and see if it's worth trading it in hehe.

    As for your gear I'd recommend making the short trip to MCAS in Auburn, they're basically unrivaled in terms of the choice and range of gear. Prices are a bit meh though (pretty much all Australian stores are like this though - must be the GreatBeachesTax - GBT hehe) so maybe look overseas for your jacket/gloves/boots etc. Helmet will need to be Australian bought due to Australian Standards 1698. Prices on helmets are pretty similar everywhere but MCAS has a HUGE range of styles/brands and most importantly sizes. Have a gander around and you'll be sure to leave with some good kit.
  4. You've done this bit around the wrong way. Not to worry though, you like it so be happy and enjoy.
  5. Views on the CBR? Not out here yet... But there a couple of reviews getting around on the overseas models. Couple of them mention the new CBR is down on power compared to the Ninja 250R... Which is a crying shame because the old baby blade was a weapon (for a twofiddy). Personally, I don't see the point in bringing out a product that is worse than something you built 20 years ago.

    You must be skin and bone... At 175cm i'm closer to 80kgs... But you're a pretty good height... If the CBR is along the same lines as the ninja, you'll fit it perfectly.

    I rode my bike home after three months on a postie bike... If you are good on the scooter, you can do it. If you are dodgy, get a mate to drive behind you and run block. If you are really worried, best to get someone else to ride it home or get it delivered by the dealer. Nothing worse than dropping your brand new bike with <100ks on the clock on your first ride.

    Best of luck, let us know how you get on and post some pics when you pick up the bike!!!!
  6. I dunno if "worse" is the right term to use. For example, unlike the old CBR250R, the new CBR250R actually has torque and power below 18,000rpm, so the rider doesn't have to wring the bike's neck just to leave the traffic lights at more than a snail's pace!

    Yeah, it ain't the fire-breathing 18,000rpm race-replica the CBR250R name once stood for, but I reckon it's more of a step sideways into a different role than backwards into poop.

    Kinda like how the VFR750 v-four hightech racing bike of insanity over time turned into the VFR800 v-four hightech sports-touring bike of excessive niceness.
  7. Well, its worse from my point of view. As a hoon and someone who appreciates something thats awesome. Depends on how you look at things.

    Maybe its just my competitiveness and not wanting to do something and not be the absolute best I can be at it...
  8. O wow a rider that lives near me how cool! I'm a new rider too (been riding just over a month) and I have to agree with what toadcat said about buying the gear at MCAS in Auburn, or at least having a look. Its on parramatta road so it'll be on the way to pick up your bike (or on the way back as you ride your bike) and they do have ALOT of stuff, although if your like me and a total lostie all that choice probably wont matter as much. enjoy your new bike and maybe see you around the suburb sometime soon! (u should b easy to spot with a new cbr)
  9. You aren't far from me either, one of my first proper rides was to Action MC to buy a leather jacket (I had borrowed one from a friend). I did it in the middle of the day and it wasn't too bad, not much traffic. That said I got my friend to ride my bike home from the guy I bought it from in the eastern suburbs.
  10. Partner and I both brought lots of my gear and both l bike from action mc in parramatta. They might not have the largest range but Ryan from accessories is very helpful and the guys there are all very good help.

    Steve from the workshop upstairs has always been an awesome help. Always busy so be sure you call them before you drop in. That is with picking up a new bike and services

    Good luck with everything toisanact
  11. haha that reminds me, I picked up a pair of short gloves while I was there for when I'm only going the 1.5 km to the shops. Try just the left hand on, fits great so buy em. Get home and realise I have two left gloves...
  12. Hi,

    I would seriously look at the CB400. It is also a small bike, but a much better "long term" option.

    The price compared to a new release 250cc bike might not be too much more. They are definitely much more bike for your money.

    Obviously you need to be comfortable with the appearance, but I think it is definitely worth a look.

  13. did you past your pre learners ?

    Edit: lol sorry, didnt see your other post :D
  14. How bout you get the friend to ride home with you. If he or she has a license they should have a bike. Well hopefully. That way you get to be the one riding it home, your new toy.
    Go in about ten. It takes an hour or so to deliver a bike. That way you will miss most of the chaos on the road. Just stay calm and have fun. And remember it will need to rev more than a scooter. As in it will rev a whole lot more than a scooter. And stop a whole lot better.