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Pre-learners =D

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ilovemynsr150sp, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. hey guys, i booked myself into the Pre learners course in launnie, TAS with deca... has anybody had any experience with em? they have two bikes, the virago and the ttr 250, i would like to do it on the ttr 250 but i dont know if i am tall enough, i am only 5´6 :? ... thanks in advance guys, hope to pass and be on the road soon :LOL:

  2. I did the pre-learners with DECA in Launceston. They're a nice bunch. The course is pretty easy, although I did have a bit of trouble never having had anything to do with manual vehicles before.

    My friend and I are both 5'6" and while I had no trouble with xt's (ttr?), he was resting on his toes so it really depends on your length of leg.

    Just remember when you put your foot down to put it out a bit and not straight down. It seems pretty obvious but when you're concentrating on stopping without stalling sometimes you forget that you actually have to hold the bike upright at the end. It may also help with the taller bikes too.

    Let me know when you're done and maybe we can go riding sometime.
  3. hey thanks for your reply, just what i looked for... so you were using the xt were you? thanks for that hint too, i am lookin forward to it but i am a bit nervous, i can ride a bike but i heard that slow speed stuff is pretty hard, what was the hardest part of the course? what colour is your zzr coz i have seen a few around lately... yeah will let you know when i get it, prob have my ls in january...cant wait haha, cheers,
  4. Everyone when I did it used the XT's. The slow speed isn't too bad, the XT's are pretty easy going bikes and are really very forgiving. I ran over a few cones thanks to target fixation and dropped the bike when I stalled practicing the stop and go exercise. (You have to stop and then go again without putting your foot down - that was the hardest part of the course for me). And I kept getting in trouble for not doing head-checks which is really funny because I always, always, ALWAYS do head checks in the car.

    But other than that, they're a pretty easy going bunch as long as you're not a wanker about stuff.

    My baby girl is really dark purple, looks almost black. Wave if you see me, red helmet, black and white jacket, jeans. Can't miss me thanks to a custom exhaust that no one can identify but makes WAY too much noise. I think the neighbours hate me.
  5. oh ok sweet, i thought we had to use the ttr 250 whcih is really high :? cool thanks for the advice, feel a bit more confident now haha... i am pretty sure i have seen and HEARD your bike before lol, you ever drive through riverside in the morning? its single side exhaust system isnt it? how long have you had your ls for?
  6. I'm fairly certain they're XT's. If on the day you find them uncomfortable then have a chat to the guys/girls and maybe change over to the Virago - the XT's were the only trail bikes I saw.

    Nope, don't do the riverside run, except in the evening and then it's out to the Legana round-about and back. Only there's too many bugs now to do that in the evening/night. I've headed out that way to Exeter and the Frankford hwy on the weekends pretty early if that's what you mean.

    Single exhaust system. They removed the centrestand to put it in which is a bit annoying but as I don't do my own maintenance it's not the end of the world.

    I've had my L's for about 4 months now. Still trying to master the slow stuff but slowly getting there.

    Good luck with your L's. I'm sure if you've ridden before then you'll breeze through. There's a few good city runs to do once you've got your license, ones that avoid the centre of town but don't put you in a 100kph zone.
  7. ok cool :) yeah thats were i saw you, on the tamar highway and once at the gorge i think, sweet as bike :p yeah i will start with some easy goin roads and then start goin on more busy ones... well my dad pillions me on it every weekend lol so you might just spot my ride too haha, its the only one with a tyga system here in launnie :grin: is the bike DKT test the same one as the one for the car? cheers,
  8. Your dad pillions you on your NSR? Hmmm.. I think I have seen an NSR two-up. I love Launnie! Bet our best friends are best friends. :p

    The knowledge test is almost the same as the car one with a couple of bike questions thrown in. Mainly the restrictions on your bike license so just have a quick go through the transport site and make sure you know the restrictions. Have you got your car license? Because if you don't or have had it more than a year I would brush up on your road rules. My friend failed it on the car questions and he's been driving for about 7 years now - accident and infringement free I believe. :cry:

    Worst case scenario you just have to re-sit the test the next day. It's not a hard test. Apparently, there's a play button to play out the scenarios they give you. I didn't know about this so I just read the questions and answered. Everyone laughed at me but I passed so who cares.. :LOL:
  9. So you have been riding it round unlicensed??
  10. haha yeah he does lol, he loves my nsr even tho he has bmw f800st too :shock: haha yeah i reckon lol, launnie is sweet as :LOL: ok thats good, i did my car l´s half a year ago so that shouldnt be a problem :p and TWEET: was that question for me or... coz i havnt been driving it unlicensed on the road yet... cheers,