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Pre Learners course soon...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by treeman, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. Going for my Ls at the 11th - 12th July at Rouse Hill. Anyone else doing it there during the same days as me??
    I've never rode or ever been on a motorbike so i hope the course is easy. Im so excited, i cant wait !!!

  2. im going for mine out next week 4th and 5th out at st ives. good luck with yours treeman. any other newbies here going for theirs at st ives or rouse hill?
  3. thanks cosmo_sydney, and goodluck with yours aswell :)
  4. Dont be too concerned about taking the prelearners with other people from these forums. You'll meet people on the day and probably wont see them after that. Just pay attention cause what you learn on the day are life skills.
  5. I'll be doing mine at clyde around august :S Hey SpRoNG think you could spare a few moments when i decide to buy my bike :LOL: (since we live in berala)
  6. I did mine at Botany, a month ago. Stayupright course. Had a blast and went with my good friend from work.

    The only benefit, really, of going with someone you know is the drinks afterwards when you pass! While you're actually doing it, you will find yourself (hopefully) so focused on what you are learning that you wont be thinking much about anyone or anything other than riding and paying ultra-attention to your instructor.

    As SpRonG said "LIFE SKILLS" the kinds of things (s)he'll teach you, when put into practice, will give you the best chances of avoiding accidents.
    I've been riding my new bike for only two days now, and i'm glad i paid attention.

    Have fun! I did! Man, you are gonna love it!
  7. I did it today. I had only first sat on a bike the weekend before. You'll be fine - it's easy.
  8. treeman, it's our lucky day! :LOL: I too am doing my l's course then and there :p :LOL: . What time are you doing your course? They had one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I am doing mine in the afternoon, about 1:00pmish i think it is.

    Where abouts do you live? I assume out that way somewhere? I live at Stanhope Gardens. Looks like we may have to hook up for a ride when we both get a license/bike.

    I was actually booked in to do my l's at St Ives last week but my kid got sick and made me run really late. Got half way there and rang them to find out that I was going to be too late and auto disqualified :cry: . So had to pay the dang RTA another $70 :evil: .

  9. o0o0o0 thats cool :). Yeah mine is at 12:30pm - 4:00pm, maybe we might see each other :p. I live at Rooty Hill but i know where Stanhope Gardens is because i have a friend that lives there. Lets just have an awesome and fun time at the pre learners course :grin: !!
  11. opps lets try that again...........

    Must be the same course - I don't have the details with me as I am at work - but I am pretty sure the early course was at about 8 - 9amish. Considering they only allow about 5 people per course I reckon we will bump into each other. You wont miss me as I am going to take my own helmet as already I got one from Go-Karting, and I don't like the chances of them having an XXL :eek: :shock: :LOL: (bigger head=bigger brain :LOL: ) at least not one that isn't fluro pink or something which is usually the case. You can't miss my helmet, it's got a rudy big pi##ed off looking pirahna on the back.
  12. I watched my misses do hers a few months back .. its not hard, basiclly riding around in circles for a couple of days.

    She did hers at Loftus TAFE .. for those who prefer to be South.
  13. I'm going pre-learners too on the 30th of july / 1st august at the Clyde Training centre in the morning :) counting the days....
  14. I did my training at rouse hill. fantastic instructors. good luck, you'll have fun!
  15. PM sent and yeah sure theres quiet areas + a few easy twists off park road towards the auburn golf course area
  16. I did mine at rouse hill last week.
    Loads of fun and learning(since i hadnt riden a motorbike before AND i drive an auto :p)
    My instructor was kevinn, top bloke, he didnt lose him temper once with me, even though I was addicted to stalling on takeoff :D
  17. Good to know the guys there are patient, one less thing to worry about :p .
    Do you live local to Rouse Hill Rockjob?
  18. Maybe i might get the same instructor when i do the course next week :). It seems that everyone who done the course had heaps of fun :grin:. Can't wait till i do the course :grin:.
  19. Do you consider North Rocks local? :p
  20. Finished mine today at Loftus TAFE with Mike (I think!). Had a great time and learned stacks. The tutor was great, loads and loads of experience on the track, off road and on road and he had a nasty war story or two to tell us (to make sure we really listened to the safety bits!)

    Really, it's great fun, pay attention and you'll learn buket loads.

    Off to the RTA in the morning for the multiple choice and I'll be away - albeit around and around the carpark up the road for a while...