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Pre-Learner Training

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by CruiseOrLoose, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. My pre-learner training is coming up this friday - i cant wait.

    what does it consist off .

    if any body could be bothered going into detail that would be good.


  2. Basically you go through mounting, dismounting, controls etc, as well as theory of safe riding.

    Then you get on the bike and walk it around a little, then push each other around a corner.
    Eventually you turn the bikes on and practice taking off and stopping, corners and gear changes.

    There might be a few other things but that's the basic gist of it. Once you get your l's it still feels like you are being thrown in the deep end a little going out on the street.
  3. Theres also a bunch of theory sessions, short 15-30 minute chats that go over roadcraft.

    Basically, if you listen to instructions, don't try to run the instructor down, and don't drop the bike more than once, you'll get your permit.
  4. There is also a bit at the end where you ride a kindof simulated road. I'd think this is so the instructor can make sure you can stop at a stop sign etc before giving you your piece of paper but its a doddle. Just have fun :)
  5. I'd love to hear more about what happens on the day if anyone can be bothered explaining more 8-[

    Going for my Pre-Learner's in two weeks, I've never ridden a bike as driver but I do drive a manual so apparently it should be a bit easier for me. I just want to know what happens on the day, is there anything I can do to practice before hand? Is there a must do/don't to ensure I pass?

  6. That's it, it's all been explained in the previous posts. It's designed for people that have never even seen a bike so you'll be right. No practice needed, they really do show you everything starting from the very basics.
  7. ^Thanks think just a bit apprehensive just don't wanna look silly and I want to make sure that I'm prepared as can be :D
  8. pulled from a page i wrote myself in another forum

    I did write this up about 3 months after i actually did it but im pretty sure i covered just about everything. Hope it helps (y)
  9. I did day 1 today at rouse hill, pretty much as described in the post above.

    Looking forward to tomorrow.
  10. Nice write up Royalla :)
  11. I'm going on Wednesday and if all goes well back again on Thursday \\:D/

    Mr who went for his L's two weeks ago has been helping me practice for the pre-learner's since the weekend; pushing me on the bike to gain balance etc. I'm now up to taking off on first gear and there's no way on Earth I'm ready for the emergency stopping and all that stuff that I read above ](*,)

    I'm going to be so upset if I don't pass because I'm going overseas soon after so won't have the chance to sit for another Pre-Learner till I get back which means I can't ride my bike till then :(
  12. Trust me its really easy (y) Its not an emergency brake like fully slamming on the brakes to stop as quick as possible, its more practicing the correct technique for it. Yes you will be stopping quickly, but we had about 5m to stop from about 25km/h, which is a fair bit more than what you get when you are doing the MOST test for your P's. And dont worry you get a fair while to get it right and the instructors offer great advice to help improve your technique.

    It might seem hard from reading it but you use the techniques you learn throughout the day and it is actually quite easy. Good luck and have fun!!!
  13. Hey guys.
    Managed to sneak myself in the last spot on the last pre-learner course of the year this saturday at adamstown lol.
    I cant find anywhere what sort of clothing you need to bring? I make the natural assumption of heavy pants, long sleeve shirt? and decent wearing boots. Maybe some raingear just in case.
    Anything else?

    Never mind :p. The confirmation email had the details, i just hadnt checked it yet :D.

  14. yay! i just passed my pre-learners at clyde! so happy!
  15. Congrats pal! The computer knowledge test is really easy. Most of the questions are based from your learner driver test and you should be able to knock off the motorbike ones too.

    Just do the test at least 5 times so you get most of the random questions down pat.

    Happy riding!
  16. Thanks! Yeh i've been at it with the online practice questions, but im just so tired from it all today, doing the test in this heat was a killer but the end results are so worth it.
  17. Ok I managed to get through the first day of my Pre-Learner's and it was fun!!! The CB250 was so much easier to learn on than my GPX :D Anyway, tomorrow day 2 so hopefully I pass and by this time tomorrow I'll have my learners ;)
  18. Good luck!!..[-o<

    Having those fab bikes is a good incentive to pass too!!..:p
  19. Hehe i go to mine on saturday...
    Got a bike same as yours Tweets. 02 ZZR250... i get it day after tomorrow lol...
    Want it now though :tantrum:.

    Im trying to track down a jacket. I bought a chicane mesh jacket thingy from Bikers Gear Australia in Melb via eBay but their 4XL jacket was smaller then the 3XL shirt i wear (and even then i have space in the shirt :p). So, its on its way back for an exchange but in the meantime now ive lost my jacket lol.
    I know i need to wear a "sturdy" jacket to the learner course, how sturdy do they call sturdy :p. Leather? Hemp? Denim? Concrete? Anyone know what you can get away with since you arent doing 200kph?
  20. Good choice!!! :dance: (not that I am biased!!...8-[) ... I love my ZZR250 and I hope you have fun and safe riding on yours!! (y)