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Pre Learner training + Purchases and insurance.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by FTO, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Hey guys. Well Ive decided to buy a bike. I want to get a gs500f.

    Would of liked to get the new 2006 model, but being new, I thought it would be better to get a second hand one.
    Just want to know if you guys know any good places where I can go and learn to ride a motorbike.

    I live in the inner west suburbs (canterbury area).

    Also need to decide what type of helmet and clothing to get. A friend recommended me to spend $700 on some SHOEI helmet.
    Wanted to get the All weather leather jacket and pants from (tigerangel) the one with gore-tex.
    They are expensive though, so might not get them. Ok, Ill tell you what I'm willing to spend on gear and if u like, can u guys please advise me of what to get.

    Total willing to spend on gear is about $2000-$2500 absolute max is $3000.

    This includes: Jacket, pants, gloves, helmet, boots and mayb a disk lock or some other security device.

    I've rang up AAMI, and NRMA insurance. They both gave me a quote for the gs500f to be around the $600 dollar mark. I thought that semi-sport/touring bikes would have a lower CTP value than a bike like the cbr250rr, which I was quoted for around $250. So I dunno where else to ask.

    Ok I have so many things to ask, but I think I should wait to see what you guys say, Ill ask the other questions later.

    So let me know what you guys think.

    Thank you.
  2. how old are you mate? those insurance prices look cheap...

    for gear - get what you can afford and what fits :) ... you'll be able to easily deck yourself out with decent gear for that price! i got fitted out for $1600

    as for your helmet - get what fits best, be it a $250 RJAYS or a $700 Shoei.

    To learn to ride a bike - do a Pre-learner course. Book it through the RTA. They're quite thorough for teaching low speed things!... and it gives you a certificate you need to get your bike L's anyway.

    GS500f - don't drop it, fairings are expensive to fix. I think A1 Road and Race wreckers down in Banksia (i think it's banksia)... it's on the princess highway has one for sale for around $4500!
  3. Im 20 bro. Turning 21 in Dec. About that gs500f. Is it a black one?
  4. Im not sure how you're getting a quote for $600 but if thats a serious quote for full comprehensive cover for a new gs500f, TAKE IT!

    I'm paying 900ish with western QBE, and I'm 25, never had a crash, and 7 years of no claims on my car insurance.
  5. Nah mate, it's a blue and white one... that's a seriously cheap quote mate, something smells dodgy...
  6. Wasnt talking bout comprehensive, talking bout CTP. AAMI and NRMA gave me a $600 quote on the gs500f for CTP. I still don't know weather I should get full comp. What you guys think?
  7. At the very least, get third party property damage. Comprehensive if you pay enough for the bike. I only have third party on the little bike, but comprehensive on the slightly less little one. Can you afford to bin it? ...and if so, can you afford to bin a Ferrari too? I know I can't :LOL:

    Suggestion, if you haven't sat on a bunch of bikes, it's too soon to make up your mind :)
  8. ahhh the CTP, makes more sense... go to:

    http://www.greenslips.com.au/ and that'll compare for you :) there's a link somewhere on the site with a form that'll ask a stack of questions..

    I'm with The Yak, as a minimum get third party property, and for a GS500f, look into comprehensive - fairings are expensive to repair (I'm looking at around $250 for an unpainted single panel for my girlfriends ZZR)
  9. hmmm, yea. Havnt sat on many bikes, except a cbr250rr which was perfect for my height, and a rs125. Yea friends got a cbr1000 and its the Repsol replica and he doesn't even have 3rd party.
  10. yah that pretty cheap, i got quoted 1.3k for full comprehensive with my cbr250rr, i have to sit through 21 days of 3rd party insurance though(aami)

    gear will cost you around 1000-1500$ i ended spending 1.100$ with my gear, jacket/boots/helmet/pants/2X gloves(1 dirt bike for my sister), they normall give you a big discount if you buy your gear & bike at the same place, limits you range of choice though.

    gl with your new bike & trying to get you'r license, i couldn't sleep the night before i sat for mine. a word of advice you should try to get your bike as soon as possible after getting you license, that 1 day of rider training is kind of easy to forget if you don't ride for 2 weeks after getting you'r license.
  11. ahhhh k thnx man. Do you guys know any good places in Sydney that sell bike gear?
  12. MCAS - biiiiig range and helpful staff. Wentworth Avenue in the city, Oxford st side of Action MC... also have branches in Parra and somewhere else
  13. Thnx man. Yea Ive booked my pre learners FINALYY OMG Im so excited, for the 8th and 9th of september. Now all I have to figure out is how to eventually bring it home. GOnna hide it at a friends mechanic shop, for a while. Dads already threaten to brake the bike If I ever bring one home. (I doubt he really means it), he really doesn't want me to have one. Im sure that hes the dad with the most hate for motorbikes. Mum already told me that If i wanted to get a bike, I move out. She doesn't want to see it.

    So yea this is the biggest problem Ive had and will have. Have no idea what to do. But I gotta progress somewhere, instead of dreaming every second a bike drives passed me.
  14. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: i had the same problem... i just waited until my parents were in QLD for a month :LOL: