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pre learner test

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ilovemynsr150sp, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. hey every...because new learner laws kick in soon for tas :? i have booked myself in for a course @ DECA...now i have some questions...i havnt ridden a motorbike for ages and i am not to confident about this...is there any place were you could go to learn some basics without gettin told off by the police?? is it legal to train on empty parking lots?? could you guys pls give me some advice on this... :) thanx, :grin:
    ps. im in tassie :cool:

  2. On privately owned land you can ride without a license. So an industrial area parking lot etc is all good.
  3. yeah, i did the warehouse parkinglot thing on a mates bike before i went for my pre-ls test, was a good idea, but not really necessary
  4. Ummm, isn't the whole point of doing the pre-learner course to learn how to ride? And if you've EVER riding before you're probably going to be a step up from most of the people who do that course... As a matter of fact if you've ever riding before you could probably skip the pre-learner course and just go get your L's imo.
    Practicing for your pre learners test is like cleaning your house before your cleaner comes FFS.
  5. well yes i could skip it...but have you have to pass the pre learner test here in tas to even get your l`s...without the pre learner course, no licence :? and yes i know the course is there for you to learn how to ride but i just wanna build my confidence up so i wont b 2 nervous on the day... :p thanx for ya replies so far guys :grin:
  6. In order to get your L's here you have to go do the Pre-Learners course and pass - then you can go sit your L's written test. I have done this with DECA and I can honestly say that if you have had some experience on a bike you are doing better that most who front up for the course.

    DECA also offers an Introduction to Riding kinda day where you can go and get a feel - give them a call and see if they can fit you in for one of those. These days are designed mostly for those of us who have never been near a bike but you could gain from re-remembering about bikes before you actually front up for your course.

    hope this helps
  7. Thanks guys - I like to learn something new every day :)
    I hope your course fees are a lot less than here in Vic - $250ish?
    Deca in Vic I found for the L's test day (and it can go for 8 hrs) they ran through almost everything. I can imaging why people who have NEVER road before would want the "no-pressure" pre-Ls course, but for anyone that's been on a bike...
  8. You have to take the pre learner course and not be totally incompetent on a bike. don't sweat it. I got 100% on the multiple choice test too. If you have your head screwed on you'll pass both with flying colours.

    ...and I agree with bonkers. no point cleaning up when thats what they are gonna do for you :)
  9. hey thanx guys... :p the course fee was $215 for the 8 hour one... :LOL: i booked it on the 5th of may and the 6th... not much people doin their l`s on the motobike here in launnie :? most of the people i have heard who have done the written test said that it was pretty easy...is this true?? :eek: well gtg clean my bike :LOL: cheers,
  10. hey every1...i know this question is not related to the thread but i have a question bout the fuel cog, when do i put it on off?? coz i had my bike on on for 1 weeks without riding and it took a few goes to start it :? thanx,
  11. $215? Shit thats expensive. Apparently Melb is the same, is Sydney the only place that cost $69?
  12. soon enough our prices in NSW will be that ! :roll:

    So i better hurry up and get my licence! :LOL:
  13. How come you havent your licence yet Charms?
  14. LoL had abit of a misshap :? Got to the learners course too late about a month ago... so i re booked again for april!
    This time im not going to be late! :grin:
  15. Everyone who has done the test and passed will tell you its easy...

    Of course, all those that fail generally slink away and don't say shit...

    I believe (at least in Vic anyway) you can redo the written test later, by itself, if you fug it up so its no biggie.
    I know I got at least a couple of questions wrong - simply because I had no freakin idea of the answers. The book seems real easy to read, but they usually throw in a few tricky questions from parts of the book you skim over - or they word it in such a way so it seems hard.
    Just read each question slowly - every word twice - and common sense should mean you pass. I know a few people (damn smart people usually) that hacked it up due to the stress or silly mistakes.
  16. lol, sounds like my friend. :grin:

    Anyhoo good luck :)