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Pre-Learner test tomorrow @ Penrith

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lukestuart1, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Hey guys.

    Im off to my Pre-Learner test tomorrow out at Penrith (NSW).
    Any tips to make sure i dont screw up.
    I have ridden a few dirt bikes before (but nothing too serious) so getting on a bike is not completely new to me.

    Then straight after to pick up my recent purchase (2007 GS500F)
  2. Theres only 1 tip i can give you, get rid of the nerves and you will be ok
  3. if you've been on a bike before it should be pretty straightforward.

    Bring your own gloves and helmet if you have them

    No need for kevlar or leather otherwise - its all done in a carpark. They do make you wear long sleeves and don't wear shorts either. You'll do some pushing of bikes so cooler gear is better.

    have a good couple of days
  4. And it's not a test in the strict sense of the word. You would have to be a right farknuckle for the instructor to refuse to give you a yellow slip.

    Take some water as well unless you know for sure you can get some nearby. Going to be pretty hot tomorrow.

    Fun Ha!
  5. Just remember one thing, above all else: Pay attention to the instructor and do what he says, to the letter.
  6. participate,learn and enjoy..not necessarily in that order..oh,and relax.
  7. good luck.

    and what ohmigosh said.
  8. best advice is to listen and try to learn something when doing the course, the instructor will probably fail you straight away if you act like an arrogant prick whereas if you do listen and try to improve then they might be a bit kinder. If your arrogant then be prepared to ace everything else your sure to fail.

    Remember BOS (buffer, observation and speed), remember head check and eyes level, remember to be relaxed and plenty of fluid, and its going to be a long day so plenty of rest. Most instructors wear only a long sleeve shirt and pants for the range stuff (when its hot) and only wear their armored gear when they do the road portion.
  9. Good advice. Your bike gets hot after all the slow speed stuff and if your wearing shorts then your legs will come out crispy brown from the exhaust if you wear shorts.
  10. Cheers guys.
    Well im off in a minute so ill let you know how it goes
  11. good luck luke
  12. and?....
  13. It went good.
    It took me a bit to get used to finding the friction point (stalled it a few times) but after i got that it went pretty good.

    Just happy the rain held off (although it was 30 degrees)

    Day two tomorrow
  14. Excellent!
    Have fun tomorrow, and don't lose your certificate!
  15. Lol I didnt read properly and thought you were doing your MOST. Good luck with day 2 tomorrow.
  16. ..who is your trainer??... Elaine?? Wayne??
  17. There were 2 trainers so we got split into two groups.

    The trainers were Wayne and Bruce
  18. Ah! Ok.... I did my L's and P's at Penrith. : )
  19. I think you're thinking of the pre-provisional test :p
  20. thats skim reading for ya ](*,)