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Pre learner Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bonzee, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. Hey NR

    30 year old from Sydney. Pretty new to biking all together. Heading in for my L's next weekend at Clyde (any tips would be greatly appreciated).
    Only experience ive had is overseas on little 125's, scooters and bikes.
    Ive got a hell of alot to learn and this definitely looks like the place to be.
    Recently been looking at bikes for a project caff racer.
    Hope to get to know you all better over time.


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  2. Hey Bonzee

    There is nothing you really need to know that isn't covered in the info they send you. Make sure you wear shoes, long pants and sleeves and you'll be right. I also took a water bottle.

    I did my pre-learners at Clyde as well, 4 months ago. They take their time teaching you everything, so go in with an open mind and you'll be fine.

    Let us know how you go.
  3. Hey Tersolia
    Thanks for the heads up. Appreciate it bud.
    Will do!
  4. Hi BonzeeBonzee and welcome to NR. Good luck with your upcoming L's and let us know how you go.
  5. Good luck, I did my L plates at Clyde late last year. I had no experience what so ever but watched a few youtube videos on changing gears and managed to pass, i am still on my L's. Only tip is maybe go buy a helmet if you don't have one. Buy from a shop with good staff and it will fit good and be comfortable. A bit like buying a pair of shoes. :]
  6. Welcome to NR Bonzee. The NSW Learner rider course is very good. It assumes little to no previous rider experience and progresses from the classroom, walking the bike, experimenting with clutch control and riding in a straight line at the outset to operating the bike in a simple traffic simulation.

    I had ridden agricultural and trail bikes before but hadn't sat on a bike in fifteen years and found it to be a really good way to reintroduce myself to riding. Good luck and see you in the forums!
  7. Thankyou GoldenberriGoldenberri !
    UncannyManUncannyMan i have been doing the same thing. Feel like its definitely going to help. Do you mean buy a helmet before the L's test?
    XJ6NXJ6N thanks buddy. That sounds alot easier than what i thought it would be. Thanks for the info!

    Appreciate the warm welcome guys.
  8. welcome aboard :] good luck for the Ls
  9. ya, if you plan to do riding in the future I would invest in a helmet before you do your L course. When i did my L's other people brought there own helmets to the course. i actually used the supplied helmet.
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  10. Cheers JeffcoJeffco
    UncannyManUncannyMan I see what you mean. Ill drop in and have a look around. Hopefully ill find a helmet before this weekend. Thanks again!
  11. Welcome to NR...

    What helmets have you been looking it? Have you got your gear sorted out? and what bike ..?

    Read up on these forums ..lots of good info here.

    All the best...
  12. Thanks Lazy LibranLazy Libran
    I was at helmet warehouse yesterday and tried on a few. Im not really sure what to go for to be honest. Wanted a full face and a cap helmet for local riding.
    I started off really interested in the yamaha sr400 but ive slowly veered away and been really keen on the suzuki gs500.
    Whats your opinion?

    Will do! I agree, ive learnt quite a bit from NR already.
    Cheers bud.
  13. BonzeeBonzee

    Helmets can be a bit tricky to choose sometimes.. If you don't wear glasses, then there are more options. I personally am a big fan of Shoei helmets.
  14. Lazy LibranLazy Libran
    Well to be honest i didn't even think of wearing sunglasses! Now that you've mentioned it, that's another thing i have to take into consideration. I did notice some helmets with the extra sunglasses shaped visor flip down. Could come in handy instead of wearing glasses i guess. I think its the sizing thats got me tangled. i have a slightly narrow face but alot of hair.
    Yeah the Shoei helmets are a favourite along with Bell.
    I used to race go karts with a Shoei helmet when i was younger.
  15. BonzeeBonzee welcome..good luck with Ls you'll be fine esp if you've ridden before!
    Re hair and helmet I have an awful lot of hair and steel wool like, but trust me a helmet will flatten it a treat in half an hour.
    Helmet has to be pretty snug...my Shark started out snug and then about 5 months later was loose as. I have a Shoei now and it is great.
    I have to wear prescription glasses so my choices are a bit limited...

    You get given a hair net if you use Clyde's helmet...noice! :p
  16. OldmaidOldmaid thanking you!
    haha so you know exactly what i am talking about. What caused your Shark to loosen up? the inner padding?

    Oh really? well maybe that will help with flattening the hair come L's day!
  17. BonzeeBonzee Yep I think it is the inner padding...I should take the Shark back as under warranty and I did really like the double visor (hidden tinted visor)...if I can find where I hid the friggin receipt :(
    Helmet hair...I didn't think much would lower my hair but certainly flattens it out on the top so I look like Krusty the Clown! :clown:
    I found the L course at Clyde pretty easy but don't ride too quick they get quite cranky! Now getting my poobs (also at Clyde) that was an unholy nightmare... :eek:_
  18. OldmaidOldmaid Haha yeah everyone's got their helmet hair disasters. Im more worried about getting the dam thing to fit without crushing my head.
    Oh right, thanks for the heads up. Ive heard alot of mixed review about the instructors at Clyde. Good and bad. But ill be sure to pay complete attention and not do anything stupid.
    What happened on your P's day???
  19. Oh that...my ninj and I used to struggle with the tight box u turn and I hired a bike for the MOST day as I was certain I would fail on the Ninj. It was an unmitigated disaster...I only started riding in July 2014, went for my Poobs in November.
    When I hopped on the hired CB125 it was like someone had swapped everything around on the bike, seriously, and I struggled initially to ride the bloody thing. Was ready to give up and go home. I scraped through with 8 points (9 and you fail:( ) was absolute torture. Should have used my ninj!
    The instructors I had for L and P were fine and pretty patient.
  20. Ah no good... At least it ended up being a pass. Everyone talks about the tight box u turn for the MOST test. Sounds like a common problem for most people. Considering the bikes iv'e been looking at i may have to hire a bike as well !
    Good to hear a good story about Clyde for once ^_^