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Pre-learner NSW question

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jam3s, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    I've always wanted to ride a bike and just did my pre-learner course at Rouse Hill/Sydney.

    Unfortunately, I was told I was incompetent halfway through the first day. I was given two short attempts at balancing the bike on a straight line while being pushed and was unable to do so without causing it to go all wobbly. I was in a small group of 4 riders and they all had some prior experience whereas I had never sat on a motorbike before. The 'instructor' (more like examiner!!) basically said I'm incompetent and failed the pre-learners.

    Anyway, just wondering if this was normal practice or if my instructor was just having a really bad day? I spoke a couple of friends and they basically said they spent ages trying to balance the bikes during their training and pretty much everyone dropped the bike 5-10 times.

    I was under the impression that it was okay to have little to no experience with bikes before the pre-learner thing, but now my confidence has been shattered. Does anyone know any reputable training schools in Sydney where I can get some private tuition before going for my pre-learners again? I would hate to be kicked out again, especially since right now there is a 2 month waiting period for bookings :(

    PS - I have ridden bicycles all my life!
  2. Hey mate, Question one. Can you or have you rode a bicycle? They are great way to start off your two wheel career.
    Other than that, there should be some courses (such as HART) which have days for tuition only (no test), check them out.
  3. Hi Transformer,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have been riding a bicycle for nearly all my life - at one stage commuting for 20kms daily! I even rode my bicycle to the training centre! :(
  4. first, welcome to the boards
    second, topics like this get posted in the newbies section, but your new and didnt know so theres a heads up for you
    what a crock of shit, your friends are probably telling you that to make u feel better, imagine you passed your l's and then got sent out in the big world of being alone, on a bike, on the roads, youd be signing grim reapers contract, the instructors did the right thing by letting you go half way though because they saw that you have no control of the bike and probably are saving your life, to say people drop their bikes 5-10 times on the course and still pass, again, what a crock of shit, in regards to practicing before your next course, ask your mates to take their bike in a carpark and let you practice a bit on their bikes, and when u do, drop their bike 10 times and tell them its ok :)

    im not taking the piss out of u champ, just telling you how it is

    good luck
  5. My apologies :) - would appreciate it if a mod could move this thread if possible - thanks.

    Thanks - I was getting a bit worried and started thinking I was being treated unfairly. I 'almost' had it on my second go - but then again, never got around to try it for my third attempt. Again, I never dropped the bike.

    Not having a whinge - whats done is done - but was just wondering if all pre-learner courses are of such high standard. Do they always kick you out if you don't get it right straight away? It felt more like an exam rather than an instructional course!
  6. which instructor did u get at rouse hill?
  7. Wayne.

    Not sure if it was Wayne C or Wayne B -- will call tomorrow to double check when trying to book my remedial lesson.
  8. if u got wayne c, hes the GM of stay upright, bit of a hard ass but, in saying that, i would be to
  9. u could also check RTA website for next available dates, let me know if u cant find the link
  10. Yeah he was a bit cranky :cry:

    Damn, GM? Here I was thinking I'd make a complaint against him if I speak to the RTA tomorrow re: failing under my circumstances IF they agree that I was kicked off prematurely.

    Guess if he's GM, he can get away with anything.
  11. This is spot on and if you're having trouble keeping the bike straight try making sure it is a male who is pushing you, will help as speed is what stabilises you.

    So let me get this straight, you have failed 2 times already? Just asking because you may need your mates to help you if this is the case.
  12. Noted (for next time!)

    Nope, first pre-learner attempt - failed that.

    I had 2 goes at trying to get the bike in a straight line in the same course .. 2 minutes apart.
  13. Look up, keep your eyes on the horizon not on the bars or the front wheel (i think this may be your problem)
    Also keep your knees tucked into the tank
  14. Lots of good advice given here. Keep at it though.

    I failed my first L's course and I had zero experience with motorcycles. Second attempt was so much easier, as I had remembered all the lessons.
  15. I was wobbly as hell on my L's course when being pushed at the start. But it's just cause of the dude pushing. I thought that balancing the bike was hard and momentarily thought this wasn't for me. As soon as you do it by yourself though - no probs at all. Good luck.
  16. I was wobbly on my pushing sections but the guy pushing me was simply an incompetent weakling and the instructor saw that...

    By the end of the course the instructor told everyone at least one thing to improve on except me who he told to just get some practice... So I aced the course.

    However I very much doubt that you got booted for being wobbly on the pushing. Obviously there was something wrong with what you were doing or the instructor saw you as a danger to yourself and/or others.

    I'll second the mates telling you dropping the bike is ok... it is NOT ok to drop a bike, ever. It may happen but it's a huge cockup if it does and I'd fail you if you drop a bike.(I know you didn't)

    When I did my course with Stay Upright they said that if you fail your Pre Learners you can go do a private lesson... Maybe try that.

    Get a mate to let you learn on their bike before you go back...

    To be completely honest though I'm scared to death that there are riders out there who failed their Pre Learners... I can't see how it's possible with just the most basic of hand/eye coordination.
  17. Thanks for the tips guys.

    I managed to score some free tuition with Stay Upright next week - see how that goes.

    In other news, I find it unbelievably difficult to balance even my push bike when I'm being pushed by anyone (Mrs had a go at pushing me today as well as a couple of mates). I can recover it if i start peddling but without peddling its impossible.

    The bike push-n-go training thing has to be done without the engine on.

  18. Seems to me you might be tensing up when you get pushed, causing the bike to woble, panic kicks in and you go over, just relax, go with the flow, and take easy leans to counter act the bike's movement (like mass left hand turns :p .
  19. Nobody dropped their bike during the pushing part of the prelearner course - including myself and I hadn't ever ridden before.
    Congrats on not giving up though. You'll get it eventually.
  20. hahahaha.... hey my mate was in the same course as you and he passed it. Were you the dude with the RX8? I heard that you yelled some verbal abuse at the guy after he failed you (not exactly sure what was said).

    Word of advice? Take it on the chin, walk off and try again. Talking back to the instructor would achieve you zilch in the long run.

    Anyway, good luck on the second time around.