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Pre learner Mornington Peninsula

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MagnumB, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. Hello to all
    Mid life crisis about to start. Booked for learners next week and looking for tips and advice came across this site. The resources on here seem great for a noob to absorb as much theory before trying to put it all into practice.

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  2. Hello and welcome to NR MagnumBMagnumB. There are plenty of us here who've gone through the same, and getting a bike is the best "crisis" of them all! All the best with your learner's and then the exciting stuff of choosing a bike!

    This forum is amazing source of advice and practical info for everyone, especially new riders, myself included. Take your time to explore this site, you will find answers to all your possible questions. And when you are on two wheels, get yourself to Elwood for Sat Practice [VIC] - [Saturday] 10am Basic Skills Practice
    Guys there perform true miracles ;)
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  3. Hi Magnum and welcome to 2 wheels! :happy:
    I am back in the saddle after many years away and loving it....I live on the Peninsula too so if you are looking for someone to ride with or chat to give me a yell!
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  4. welcome aboard :]
  5. Welcome Mate, my mid-life crisis started last week (figured on a bike would be a good place to have it). Just finished Q-ride on weekend, got licence and bought bike yesterday - delivery this arvo:D. NR has been great resource for me as a noob(y).
  6. Thanks everyone. Counting down the days now. Got the basic theory down pat, need to put it into practice and soak up information like a sponge for the next few years. Only looking to be a fine weather rider so just in time for summer.
  7. +1 to the crisis...

    Try to enjoy the process MagnumB.

    The journey will be unforgettable and you'll be carving the corners in no time.

    All the best, mate.
  8. Well stage 1 completed. I did a pre learner and learner course today, so now I can tick off the learners. Stage 2 to get knitted out is next. Helmet, gloves, boots and bike to go. Glad I did the pre learners course as it made the test a piece of cake.
    Hopefully get on road quickly now and start the real practice
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  9. Congrats on your test mate.
  10. Practise in all conditions bc odds on, one day you'll be caught out in not so great weather. I just got back from a six day trip, two days it rained. When accommodation is pre paid for, and plans made, you don't stop for rain.

    Welcome, enjoy!
  11. Hi Magnum! I just got my learners...kitted myself out the following week...bought a bike the one after and now the day to collect my ride has arrived! Properly excited and nervous and can't wait to get out there. Hopefully not make a total 4ss of myself ;) definitely going to check out the 10am skills practice in Elwood! Probably not tomorrow as I'm potentially riding down to Mornington to see my mama (my first solo ride...eeek) but next weekend is looking good! Maybe see you and your mid-life crisis there :p
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  12. Not sure where you are coming from to get to Mornington but first long ride can be quite daunting. Take it easy, there is no shame in stopping along the way in a quiet area and just chilling out for a bit before you get back on for the next stage. If you feel under pressure from traffic pull over and rest and let them get by. Let us know how you get on (y)
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  13. Also, pick the quieter roads if can.
  14. Well I survived my first ride....and it went even better than expected! I'm going to post a thread to share the tale ;) Mornington is ON!
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  15. Well it took a while and still need to break the news to OH but deposit paid and pick up brand new bike next week. Ended up sitting on everything I could and went for comfort. Honda CB500XA 2015. Hard to do a riding comparison with
    Title to no experience so will have to suck it and see. Hopefully will get through restricted period Practice, practice, practice from here on in.
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  16. We'll...I believe congrats is in order then.

    When do you pick up the bike?

    Make a note to come down to the Saturday practice sessions without fail.

    As above, yell out if you need a hand to practice or even if need to come down to Elwood... We're all here to help.

    All the best.
  17. thnks Lazy LibranLazy Libran . Will probably spend the first few weekends local getting confidence and skills up but looking forward to attending Saturday practice instead of just reading about it.
  18. You can also drive there and say hello to the regulars...