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Pre-learner gear

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by betterloudthantoolate, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Hey all, just a quick question

    I know they give you gloves and a helmet for the prelearner course, and i know you should wear jeans and some decent shoes

    But in terms of a jacket, what do they expect? I was going to just find something cheap to take, since im waiting until i get my L's to do proper gear shopping, and i found this :


    It seems to be for motorcross but i thought it might be decent even after i get a leather jacket, if i think its going to rain it could just go over and give me minimal weather protection until i find some shelter

    But as a jacket itself for the prelearner course will they tell me it is not sturdy enough?
  2. Don't buy something just for the course.

    In Vic we were told long pants & long top. We didn't really go much above 30km/h so unlikely to do more than skin graze at those speeeds
  3. I agree with HB.

    My advice would be to wear a good pair of water resistant or proof boots. I rained on the 2nd day of my learner course and there is nothing more unpleasant than walking around in wet shoes/socks.

    You're most likely to fall over in a low speed exercise during the course (less than 10kmh) so I wouldn't worry too much about a jacket with armor.
  4. Oh yeah i'm not so concerned about falling off and needing the protection, but rather just what they expect me to wear and whether or not they will allow me to take part if i'm in something that isn't what they consider protective

    Also i agree with not getting something just for the learner course, but after looking up that specific jacket i liked that it folds into itself, and i thought when i start riding if it looked like rain it would be easy to bring along to put over my leather jacket, so i don't mind spending money for it

    But if someone can vouch that in Sydney they were ok with just a long sleeve top i might just do that instead
  5. The minimum requirement for NSW Pre-Learner is:-
    • Trainees in possession of long pants, long sleeves and enclosed shoes or boots.
    Have you booked in to a Training Centre yet?
  6. Yeah i booked in already
    In my Pre-Ls group, they were wearing, hooded jumper, track bottoms and runners. I don't think they have changed the minimum requirements. I was over zealous and had a leather jacket.. felt a bit over dressed to say the least.

    I'm glad I brought my own helmet and gloves though. Just a personal thing.
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  7. All the best and I'm sure everything will be fine.
  8. One warning, it is actually possible to over dress for the pre-learners course.

    A few years back now, I had a bloke round to practice before re-attempting the pre-learners.

    His GF/partner was a fairly experienced bike rider, and, in her spare time an ATGATT Nazi. Other than that, she was a lovely lady.

    She insisted that he should go for the course in the full black leather gear.

    The course was in Western Sydney and the appointed days were 40+ degrees and sunny.

    The poor bloke more or less collapsed with heat stroke. :(
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  9. yeah theres a lot of sitting round on these things.. if i was gonna get a jacket it'd be a cheap mesh and armour job that you can use later but not cook in... re: boots. if you dont have bike boots try and get something with a small toe, it'll be easier to get under the gear lever.. and be careful of shoelaces getting stuck...tuck them in and don't double knot them :)
  10. AFAIK your requirements in NSW are to be covered. Long t-shirt, jeans and closed in shoes should be acceptable.
    They'll have a form for you to sign where you also circle the "proper" gear you don't have. It's like an advisory to say you have been advised that you don't have appropriate gear for general riding and could act as a disclaimer too.
    If you aren't wearing full cover you won't be allowed to do the course.
    When i was doing a more advanced course a guy in the Learners course turned up in shorts and had to get long pants delivered from home before he could get on the bike.
    I wouldn't buy anything specific for the course unless you intend to get gear now that you will use when you get your L's.
    Agree that a mesh jacket would be the go.
    Boots can be difficult to get used to so it might be an idea to get those now and then you won't know any difference between using them and just sand shoes or regular boots. You'll have your feet down a lot and will be walking the bike in them so they will get a workout.
  11. Thanks

    And thanks for the info guys, yeah i will probably just wear long sleeves/jeans, etc

    The boots thing makes sense, i might go and see if i can find some i like this week, i never considered that my regular sneakers might be a bit bulky in the toe to easily get under the gear lever and stuff, i'm sure it wouldn't be a problem but i do like the idea of starting out with the boots i would regularly use, so i don't have to get used to them after wearing regular sneakers, plus i can use the 2x 3.5 hour sessions as a bit of a break in for them
  12. You could try looking through some charity shops for a pair of elastic or zip sided dress boots.
  13. Yea I had full gear on for my Licence test as I had ridden there. I had to wear it the whole time too as I forgot sunscreen and have Irish skin so couldn't go down to my tshirt :oops: Very overdressed!

    All they required was a helmet, gloves, decent shoes (i.e. not thongs) and we got given a high viz vest. They had all this stuff there though (well other than shoes).
  14. I did my pre-learners in Canberra in October.
    Wore long sleeves, long pants and hiking boot type things. They provided helmets and spray jacket.... and it pissed down, the WHOLE day and I got soaked, but the course carried on despite the weather.
    Be prepared for the weather is my advice, take something waterproof because the course will go on!
  15. Don't buy a jacket or boots just for the pre-learner, especially if you're strapped for cash. Anything long sleeve will do. Running shoes are fine too. Bring something water resistant/proof if you think it's going to rain.

    Then go out and purchase boots and a jacket that you really want afterwards. :)
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    I was freaking out before my Pre-learner course, thinking that I would be dejected if I didn't wear the correct attire.

    What I wore:
    • Denim Jeans
    • Zip up hoodie
    • Pair of Vans like skate shoes (just make sure it has sensible laces) - Try not to wear steel caps, they just get in the way.
    • T-shirt
    • Bring a Hat
    • Bring money for water/drinks
    As said before, Don't buy anything. The training will provide Helmet & Gloves, You won't be going over 20km/h and the bikes will not fall flat due to drop bars. So your risk of injury is low, unless your silly & don't listen to your instructor. After you have done the course & passed, go nuts with buying gear :)
    Above: Similar to the shoes I wore.
  17. Actually, don't forget sun glasses if it's a sunny day. 8-|

    I didn't have mine and I really wish I had sunnies the first day. I brought them on the second day, and of course it rained that day.
  18. +1 for sunnies
  19. As some others have mentioned, they're not too strict protection-wise, but you need to have your skin covered.

    I went to HART, St Ives last month and wore jeans, a t-shirt, and joggers. Had a black jacket in case it rained but was forced to wear it in the sun.

    If I needed to redo the training, I'd wear a long sleeved shirt.

    +1 for glasses.

    Also: check your helmet for ticks. Unless you want to gain super powers like me.
    Na na na na na na na na, Tick Man!