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Pre learner course next week in NSW.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Jace_F, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. Pre learner course comming up next week at Clyde.

    Anyone else booked in by chance?

    Also wondering what to expect exactly?
  2. if its the same as Rouse Hill, theyll talk for about an hour on the first day, get you out on the bikes and push them around unpowered to learn balance.

    After that some more classroom, teach you the startup drill, and maybe have you doing laps under 20km/h.

    Next day some more class, but a bit less, doing some braking, some roadcraft (headchecks, buffering away from danger, setting up brakes etc) and then get you doing some figure 8s.
    If you're not retarded, you win!
  3. Meeeeeee!!!!! I am doing it first weekend May as well :) Can't wait!
  4. I did Clyde about a month and a bit ago, it's pretty good, everything is fairly progressive and the bloke I had (andy) was great. Umm.....the bloke said that if you get failed and asked to stop, you get a chance to come back and do it for free.

    Nothing to have to expect. Its prettymuch how to turn your bike on, how to dismount/mount, go around a slow bend, use a clutch......... nothing nasty, just go in and soak up everything that they tell you, and you should be fine. :D
  5. You shouldn't fail though - they designed the course on the basis that people taking it have no motorbike experience, so you have to present a danger to yourself/others to be told to leave, not all that easy if you are having trouble starting the bikes :wink:

    Good luck, get a good nights rest beforehand, relax, and you are sure to have a blast!
  6. Thanks for the info :) Looking forward to getting it done now so I can start having some fun on the bike - all going well I should have it next week at the latest.
  7. Clyde is such a scenic location - under the M4, if you look up you can see all the garbage thrown from cars caught in nets above you :D

    Did my pre-learners a little while ago, the instructor (Dave) was a little gruff, but he was good overall and was happy to answer any questions and temper the training course with some of his experience.
  8. Of course there is one negative ...
    your face will ache from all the smiling [​IMG]

  9. These guys are pulling your leg mate, did mine at rouse hill last week. They get you on the bikes straight away and expect you to do controlled wheel stands, donuts, and other acrobatic tricks....

    Nah, it's really easy, like the guys above said, first day you hardly even switch it on. Everything they get you to do is step by step. It's really crafted for people who have never set foot on a bike before so don't worry. You'd have to do something pretty silly to fail
  10. Cool, thanks for the info all.

    Looking forward to it. :grin: