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Pre-learner course helmests + glasses?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by WhatMACHI, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. So i have my prelearners coming up early Feb, but recently i haven't been able to wear my contacts due to dry/irritated eyes. Does anyone have any idea how the provided helmets are when wearing glasses? Or is it pot luck depending on what they have available?

    If the general consensus is that their helmets aren't glasses friendly i may borrow a friend's helmet :p

  2. Your ears stick out wider than the frames and your nose sticks out further than the lenses. Helmets fit both ears and nose so you will be fine. :p
  3. hehehe its easyyyyy

    put helmet on. shove glasses in :D
  4. Yeah just dont mix up that order otherwise it hurts
  5. What they said. also take off in reverse order. Otherwise yu'll rip bits off yourself and damage your glasses.
  6. not quite, some helments have too much padding around the ears. This pushes in the top of the ears and makes it difficult to put glasses on as there is no space to put them on. Ends up being very difficult and you have to push the your hand up and push the padding back.

    I had no problems with glasses with HART in st ives.
  7. When you buy your own helmet and glasses, make sure they work nicely together. If it's just for the course I'd just put up with it not fitting perfectly.

    I took my helmet with me when I was trying on new sunnies - ended up spending more on them than I did on my car, but they're quite comfortable under my helmet. Can't wear them with a baseball cap though.
  8. I had no problem wearing glasses with the provided helmets at the pre learners & pre provisional courses in Sydney.

    Once you have yr helmet on, just really take yr time & slide yr glasses on. Obviously they won't sit as comfortably as when yr not wearing a helmet, but just adjust them as best you can and i guarantee that as soon as you ride off / start listening to the instructor, you won't even notice them!

    And YES! as the others said: Helmet on before glasses on; glasses off before helmet off! otherwise, that sh*t HURTS ! ! ! :LOL:

    you'll be right, just take yr time. :wink:
  9. Are they wire frame glasses? If not you might have a bit of trouble.

    Sounds like every ones talking from experience, I know I've taken off my helmet with my sunnies still on, ouch.
  10. Thanks for the replies :D My glasses are black plastic ones, which do fit pretty snug on the sides, and have straight arms which is good :p

    And yes, ill be sure not to put on or pull of my helmet with my glasses on lol

    I wish i could have gone to the course in St Ives, which is only 10-15 min away for me. The soonest time my mate and i could book was over at Loftus center dam T_T
  11. Sounds like you're local to me... i'm in dee Why and had to go to paramatta to do my pre learners. Got a bike yet?
  12. Im just next to Chatwsood, so the trek to Loftus is gonna be a pain :(

    Nope dont have a bike yet, work has been cutting my shifts dramatically so most of my earnings have been going to living.

    If saving goes well i'd be comfortable to get a bike+gear late March or April and still have some money leftover to go about daily life lol But ill see how things go.