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Pre-Learner Course - Day 2

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by JP, May 6, 2008.

  1. Well I'm a little late in posting this, but better late than never!

    Day 2, like the day before, was a blast! I know I'm going to have so much fun riding motorbikes

    We spent the first hour in the classroom reviewing what we had learnt the day before, going over a homework sheet our insructor Bec had given us, and finding out what we would be practicing out on the course that day.

    We went out the bikes, I had the bike that I had been using the day before, a Dealim 125cc cruiser. I had a few questions about the bike from the first day so I'll try and give a brief description about them for people about to do the course. My local RTA had 2 different types of Daelims, the Cruiser that I've already talked about, and a more sporty style that looks alot like the Honda CB250, although both models had 125cc engines.

    Mounting the bikes was easy given their low seat height. The bikes are very light, the only problem I had was getting the kickstand down as it was tucked away in a weird position. As I said in the previos post, I found the controls to be a bit on the unresponsive side; theres no feedback through the levers, so you couldn't tell when the brakes made contact with the pads. (Obviously I'm no expert, but my mountain bike provides more feedback from its disk brakes!) Throttle response was lazy, and working the gearbox and clutch was easy, although I didn't really like the "out in front" position of the gear pedel on the cruiser model. All in all, great bikes to learn on, but I think more feedback from the controls would have helped.

    We practiced emergency stops, merging, and using the indicators. The instructor talked alot about placement of your bike on the road, like where you should be in your lane and how to use all of the road for your safety, and she gave us lots of tips on braking and how to avoid false neutrals.

    Before we knew it the day was over, and we all passed. I was the only person that had no previous riding experience, so if anyone reading this thinks they may not be able to handle a bike, please just know that you take baby steps with everything, your not pushed into the deep end on anything, and the instructors are always happy to do a demonstration or take you aside for some 1 on 1 training. The whole course is an awesome experience and instills you with the basics that you will need.

    Now all I need is my bike! Iv'e decided on the VTR250, they seem to have quite a cult following around here. Hope to see you guys out on the road!
  2. Why bother, in 3 weeks you can legally buy a CB400, brand new
  3. The CB400's look ok, but can't really afford a new bike, I'm trying to save some money for when I upgrade to the 600 class :grin:
  4. Congrats! Yeah I found the second day heaps of fun too.

    How did you find the emergency braking?

    When I done it, it just seemed unnatural to go hard on the front brakes, with many memories on a pushy trying to tell me otherwise :shock: , however I trusted the bike and it all worked out.
  5. He's in NSW so can legally get up to a 660cc bike already! :p
  6. congrats jp. i'm sitting my pre-learners in clyde on the 21st. wish me luck!
  7. Yea the emergency braking was strange at first. The first two attempts didn't really resemble emergency braking, but after that I just slammed down hard on the brakes..... I figured the Daelim cruiser wasn't going to pull an endie on me... is that the right term?