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Pre-Learner Course - Day 1

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by JP, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. So today was day 1 of my pre learner course. I was a bit nervous to start off with, but the rest of the day was the most fun I've had in a long time!

    We all met in the learners room, our instructor, Bec introduced herself, and then we all introduced ourselves. I was the only person with no previous riding expierence, everyone else had ridden ag bikes or "chook chasers" before.

    First, before we went out to the bikes, we covered the basic safety stuff, like riding gear and correct fitment of helmets. After that we went out to the course. I was expecting Hondas, but instead I saw Daelims....wtf is a Daelim I thought. Our instructor explained that they are cheap Korean Honda knockoffs... ohwell good enough, its not like I was expecting Fireblades or anything like that :p

    We learnt the proper technique for mounting and dismounting, then how to use all the controls. I picked up clutch engagement quickly, although turning for the first time was a little scary, I was sure it was going to tip over haha. Changing gears was a little tricky at first, but once I got the hang of it, it was lots of fun, and even tried blipping the throttle once or twice :grin:

    All in all, great day, its was so much fun and I can hardly wait for tomorrow!
  2. Hell yeah Unanderra RTA Daelims. \:D/


    I learnt on the silver cruiser one down there! give it a pat for me :D

    Have a blast, it's all good fun and just gets better from here on! (and HEADCHECK!)
  3. Haha yea I'm learning on the black cruiser... I can't believe I'll have to tell people the first bike I ever rode was a Daelim :rofl:
  4. I have never seen a Daelim on the road before :shock:

    But from the pic it looks pretty neat. How does it go, and how heavy is it? Similar in size to the CB250?
  5. Yeah I just done the course on a red daelim cruiser. The sport bike ones they had didn't look to bad either.
  6. i did my course on a burgandy daelim, at forst i thought it was alright until the second day when i became more confident and gave it a tiny bit of throttle. NO guts what so ever
  7. Hey Peaches,
    Yea I had never heard of Daelims before either. I didn't really like the bike, I found the seating position to be a bit uncomfortable, and the controls were mushy and not very responsive. Still was great fun though :grin:
  8. So how did you get on with day 2 jp? Did you pass?
  9. Yea I passed the course...going for my L's tomorrow! Wish me luck. Now I just have to find a bike....
  10. Just did the first day up at the Regatta Centre today.

    I hate these Daelim things. Riding position makes me feel like I'm committing some sort of sexual crime, doesn't allow me to position my wrists in a way that lets me roll on / off the throttle with the grace and sensitivity that the bike wants, so it ends up lurching, and the clutch is quite the character.

    In saying that, I realise that it was my first day of riding a motorbike, ever, and that I'm probably exacerbating if not causing problems, so hopefully tomorrow I can bring it all together and make my peace with the little black Daelim.

    What surprised me the most, and gave me the most trouble, was the riding position. The instructor was great and despite me being the lagging person in the group, gave me as much attention as he could within the time constraints etc we had. But no matter how many times he explained it, I couldn't get the riding position right... something to work on.

    Edit - Congrats on passing mate
  11. I just finished my course too. Went to the RTA and did the test, and now I'm officially a Learner!

    The first day I rode the cruiser style Daelim, but today they chucked me on one of the sports kinda things. Was more comfortable but still very jerky in first.
  12. Well done! Good luck for tomorrow, make sure you have done the online DKT "demo" on the RTA website lots of times, the questions are the real ones. ;)