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Pre-Learner Course coming up!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Paulie, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. :)

    Hi all, I was on here a few months ago and then I vanished. i don't know anyone, but having read through a whole heap of the threads and posts you all seem pretty cool!

    I booked in to do my Pre-learner course thing on the 25th/26th of this month, and trying to figure out which bike to buy... everyone seems to say buy something easy and not too expensive for your first bike cause you,ll drop it at least once.... I'm thinking a GPX250 cause they have SOME fairings and look kinda sporty at the same time being pretty cheap (in some places). Does anyone think that maybe I should stay away from the GPX250? Any advice will be greatly appreciated and hopefully I'll see some of you on the road soon (I dont wanna jinx myself cause I failed my car drivers licence 3 TIME!! it was quite ridiculous really!) hehehe

    cheers! :p
  2. Hi Paulie,

    Welcome back :)
  3. What's your budget Paulie?

    Oh...and welcome back. Good luck with the test too.
  4. Hey Paulie. Where are you located?

    Hate to say it, but you probably will drop it.

    I dropped mine at the end of my street on the second day of owning her (less than a week ago)! I was very pleased at that point, that I had chosen a naked sports bike.

    If you want fairings though, you can always put oggy knobs on. ~$200 for peace of mind.
  5. hey, I don't really have a budget..... I know that sounds dumb. I don't really wanna spend too much more than $2,000 grand max though. (Cause of helmet and gloves etc). Plus I have 2 cars and I dont wanna over extend too much ya know

    I live in Sydney
  6. Are you doing the test in Botany? I did it there and it was fine. They simply show you what to do and you do it, and thats that bit passed. Its a progressive thing as opposed to a big exam at the end of 2 days. As for a bike, I went for a 500 as they are legal in NSW for learners to ride, and I am 6'4" so having the larger bike helped. Have a look at the test centre for ad's with bikes for sale. There are bargains to be had.
  7. Nah, doing the test at Clyde/Granville. its closer to my place, and it was also the soonest I could get in to any of them, they are all booked out!

    Sounds like a plan! (to check out the for sale board at the testing centre!)

    Well, I only weigh about 60kgs and am about 5'7" so I guess I need something kinda small, I would love a NSR150 but have heard horrible things on forums about them, sound like too much work and $$$
  8. For 2K I would recommend a CB250 or a GN250. They are great value and are workhorses for learners, and really reliable.
  9. :shock:

    Is there any reason you say cb and gn and not gpx? I can get a gpx under 2k
  10. You guys are speed restricted up there aren't you? If so, yeah a CB250 would probably make a good little commuter.
  11. You mentioned GPX so I didn't! :LOL: The GPX250 is a brilliant learner bike too. You should get a decent 250 for 2K without much hassle, but you will probably have to go private. You will most likely be learning on a CB250 so it will be good to see how you like them.
  12. hehe sorry. :oops:

    Yeah, I like the Gpx250... well, yeah i'll see how i go at the course on the cb, dont really like the look of them too much though

  13. I did my Ls at granville and found it to be very simple. You'll be fine.

    Having said that, I don't recall seeing a notice board with bikes for sale.
  14. no noticeboard? yeah, isnt it just in some dirty big parking lot under the M4 or something?

    I've never ridden a motorbike before, so i dunno what to expect... actually yeah I rode a 50cc little auto bike on a farm when I was like 10 and fell off... hmm.. :LOL:
  15. Yep - it's a parking lot under an overpass. Real glamourous.

    I had never ridden a bike before either and was filled with nervous anticipation when I arrived on the Saturday. Fortunately, they get you really used to sitting on the bike and walking it around before you switch it on. And, even when you switch it on, you don't really ride it around much on the first day. And, when you finally get going you're not permitted to go over 25kmph or 2nd gear.

    You'll be fine. I did it, and I'm not the most balanced or coordinated individual around...
  16. Yeah they'll ease you in pretty gently. After all...they want you back there for the Ps test :p
  17. In Botany there was no ad board either, but there were a few A4 sheets stuck up on walls with a pic of the bike, the price and tearable strips at the bottom with a phone number. Very unofficial, but it does the job. I imagine granville would have the same thing. You could also ask the instructor when you could pick up a decent 250. The work with bikes all the time, they may know someone.