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Pre Learner Certificate

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by chris4wally, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Booked in to do my pre learners in penrith on 5th 6th July and will be travelling from Orange area. I have booked the knowledge test for monday 9th. Just wondering if you get your competency certificate on the day or have to wait for it to be sent as I will be organising the new bike for the afternoon of the 9th and would like to ride home.
    Decided to go with the GS500 and can't wait.

  2. you get it on the day, if you pass :grin:
  3. Good luck!!! :grin:
  4. Only flaw in your plan is that theres 2 chances to fail. 1st you gotta pass the pre-learners course to get the certificate (given straight away) and then pass the knowledge test to get the actual licence :p

    But both are pretty easy, so you should be fine. Just remember to read the book and/or questions and answers from the RTA website :wink:
  5. And if you somehow do fail the knowledge test, don't worry, you don't need a new cert, just redo the damn knowledge test (I can't remember if they make you wait before you can though...)
  6. thanks guys I know it can all come unstuck but have been practicing the dkt and have little trouble despite years of bad habits. Looking at other topics the pre learners seems ok if you listen and have some balance. I paid the fee early april but broke my arm and had to delay and i am not known for my patience, thanks again. enjoying participating in the forum, plenty of helpful souls.
  7. Don't worry, it's very easy, unless you are obviously a danger to either yourself or others, you will pass. If you already know what you are doing you won't have any trouble (though the lack of patience wont help :wink: ).

    Be sure to listen to the instructions though, nothing to hard, but the instructor will want to see those headchecks!
  8. One small tip....A couple of weeks after you have your L's and are riding around, ring up and book your P's.

    I live in Bathurst and ended up having to renew my L's because I didn't want to ride down to Penrth on a Tuesday morning for an 8 AM start.
  9. prelearners is easy.

    dkt is possibly a bit harder
  10. I just got home from doing my pre learners and I'm still buzzing. A heap of fun and the instructors (Stay Upright) were excellent.

    Only one from the class of 12 didn't pass and that was due to him being 5'0'' and not being able to have both feet touching the ground at the same time. Thats not why he failed but it went a long way against his confidence, even straddle walking.

    If you stay calm, the pre learners is a breeze.
  11. Thanks to those who replied, managed to pull it off and passed both and have the L's now. Very tired after leaving for Penrith at 4am thursday and finishing at the RTA in Orange this afternoon. Decided to not go for a ride intill tommorow unless it snows, can't wait to get started.
  12. congrats mate. i just passed my pre-learner last night at stay upright. excellent instructors there made it easy and enjoyable.
    im contemplating going for the knowledge test tomorrow for my Ls as im desperate to jump on a bike. however i haven't been reading the manuals. any idea how difficult the questions are? should i be allowing more than 1 nights study of the text? or will this suffice along with my 10 years driving experience (although im sure i've picked up a few bad habits along the way and things may have changed on the road since i last went for my license).
  13. If you did the DKT for car L's and remember anything from it, then it would pretty much be enough, it's dead simple, would laugh at anyone that gets even 1 question wrong. But if you are worried then just have a quick scan of the Q & As that appear in the test (on RTA website). Only thing i didn't know while reading them were some of the Q's about motorbikes so i made sure i remembered those ones :)

    Good luck mate, should be a breeze
  14. Also, there's a mock test available on the RTA website - run through that a few times and you can easily see where you're at.
  15. just a noob question, but do i have to book both DKT and pre-learners? or is that included in the prelearners?
  16. You have to book them seperatley, since it would be a waste of money if you book the DKT then fail the pre-learners.
  17. Final update, been a bit quiet lately but passed the MOST test on Sunday in Orange with 0 points :grin: and looking forward to riding with no restrictions. Plenty of dramas in the beginning but went smoothly of late. Would recommend anyone doing the MOST to get plenty of practice with the U turn. A couple of people failed when I did mine because they just couldn't do it.
    Happy riding
  18. Did you do the test on the GS500? if so how was it? dunno if I should do mine on the GS500 or hire a bike
  19. Yes did the test on the GS and no problems. Practice is the key and in my opinion its good to get the skills up on the bike you are riding. One person had a 250 sherpa and still failed. another guy had a gpx250 and another a 250rr and they both past as well. Be confident and you will go ok.