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Pre-learner at clyde on 21/22 may

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by uso4life, May 9, 2008.

  1. :grin: i'm heading to clyde for my L's......is anyone else booked in for those days too :?:

  2. Where is clyde?
  3. close . im on the 2nd and 3rd of june
  4. Good luck :)

    The one thing that I liked about the CLyde course was the ground - it was mega flat and you didn't have to contend with any slopes or indents on the surface (unlike Rouse Hill).

    Let us know how you go! :wink:
  5. Clyde is near Auburn in NSW.

    thanks peaches for the heads up.....[/quote]
  6. I did my P's test here. Its under the motorway so does get a bit noisy. You turn into it from paramatta rd just near the James Ruse Drive intersection.

    Its run by the Stay Upright people. For me the shadows caused by the motoryway bridge made it hard to see the line markings ... apart from that they are great.
  7. havent booked for those dates, but ill be going there tomorrow to do my P's test. :D
  8. how'd you go?

    give us some details......i'm planin 2 do my p's next month there 2...
  9. woo-hoo....passed me L's today!!!

    MOST....here I come....... :wink:
  10. :dance:


    I am booked in at Clyde on the 29th June for my P's, what is like there?

  11. Hey guys,

    For those of you who did their pre-learners at Clyde - what bikes did you get to ride? I'm going there this weekend to do my pre-learners! Woohoo - I'm so excited I feel like I am a five year old kid on Christmas morning - in reality I'm just a chubby 35 year old almost cracking the 100kg mark!
  12. I did post a thread but it died in the arse and went to the bottom of the list. see here for my results.

    Clyde center is very good. secluded and under the M4 offramp to james ruse, so it was somewhat noisy.
    Still you can hear everything you are told.
    The ride they get you to do there is around an industrial area then moves on to a suburban area with some roundabouts and stop signs to look out for.

    Also onetonnesam, i rode my own bike, as there is no point renting their bikes for the day if you have your own. Any learner legal bike can do that u turn. You dont actually know how bloody big that turn space is till you have to do the test.

    Anyways good luck to you both on your tests
  13. we all used cbr 250s.........can't complain 2 much - they were great for the course.
  14. CBR-250s? Surely not, surely CB-250s???
  15. Sorry :( yes hornet600..........they were CB 250s. got mixed up with one of the guys in our group who also passed - he was getting a CBR250.

    I think everyone would be heading down to clyde for their L's if they were CBR250s......... :LOL:
  16. Yay!!! Congrats Preacher! :grin:

    Are you coming for the Ls run this Sunday? We should all have more Learner rides more often!
  17. Thanks Peaches

    Unfortunately, I have another appointment on - but i agree, we need to have more learner rides. I'm buggered I can't make it this Sunday. I'd also like to put faces to names too :grin:

    I'll keep checking the calendar and hopefully make it to the next one :wink:
  18. FYI there's apparently monthly Learner runs organised by SydneyRider, so if this falls through there's always that option. hope to see you on the road :)

    Also, if you're up north or west, Jeff, another guy on an R6 and myself are heading out this Sat from Silverwater - Chatswood - Neutral Bay - Manly (stop for dinner at a pub) then back home if you're interested in tagging along. Won't be a long ride at all (about an hour each way maybe), but if you're keen to tag along for a leisurely ride let us know.

  19. Thanks - might not be able to make it tomorrow :( , but next sat should be looking good....... :) I'll PM you to get more details if I can make it (tomorrow or next sat).

    I'll check out that other site too... :wink:
  20. I did mine on the 19th and 20th at Clyde :)

    L test to come... :)