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Pre Leaner NSW course - Gear

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ThommoFC, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Stupid question, but searched around and couldn't find it answered

    Can I get through the pre leaner course (nsw) with normal boots or sneakers and any jacket?

    Don't want to buy a whole bunch of stuff before going through it

  2. Any long sleeved shirt, trousers and enclosed shoes will do
  3. Full fingered gloves are good, the ones they have that they let you use are pretty icky.
  4. They suggest 'sturdy' boots, trousers and top - you don't need a jacket but they recommend one I think. I just took a random jacket just in case, but if its hot at all you'll find yourself not wearing it. I believe you have to have your arms covered. You don't get much past 20-30kmh anyway.
  5. What Messy said is true about the gloves and it's worse if you have an afternoon session as the sweat is still damp from the previous course :sick:

    Consider getting a cotton or silk balaclava too as you'll be borrowing one of their helmets and guarranteed some icky student with lice and greasy hair has worn the one you get to use.

    My experience back in March this year involved a very stinky helmet.

    Have a great time on the course.

    Fun Ha!
  6. But they give you a hair net!

    As other have said, a sturdy pair of shoes, jeans and a long sleave shirt/jacket.

    if you are unsure take some backup items as well. i took another pair of shoes just incase.

    At this time of year it shouldnt be too bad with the gloves & helmets because it is still relatively cool, but i can imagine what other has said if you did it in the middle of summer..... ewwww
  7. Heh, I wore a long sleeved shirt and a jacket. When I took the jacket off, I pulled up my sleeves a little so they wouldn't get in the way. They made me pull my sleeves down again. LOL I was thinking... If I came off, this extremely thin shirt would do absolutely jack shit anyways, but you're making me pull my sleeves down?

    Heheh, anyways. Sturdy shoes, jeans, long sleeved thin top and a jacket. If you have BMX gloves then take them :)
  8. You could probably do the course naked - the max speed you do is like 30kmph if even that. Pretty much anything will do but obv don't show up in a singlet shorts and thongs
  9. You all got that right,

    One of the other blokes seemed to be wearing slippers
  10. can i use snowboarding gloves?
  11. Take some sunnies as well.