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Pre-launch pics of Ducati 1098 Streetfighter

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. Thanks Loz.

    Visordown have been getting early scoops on a number of bikes before other places -- they're doing well.

    The styling is really not doing it for me, front looks too... Japanese?
  2. These pictures might or might not be real - I read somewhere else this was a photochop and the real thing is something different again. I hope so, because this is pretty average IMO... Monster's impractical arrangement of radiators directly in path of any debris that the front wheel might throw up, lights and upper part of the fairing just taken from 1098 and chopped short... And the scoops... did they get them off an old Triumph?!?
  3. Have to wait and see some more pics, but I like it. I wonder if they will also make an 848 version?
  4. Nice. I like it!

    Oh, anyone ever play the PC game Starcraft? If so...can you see the Zerg resemblance??? Its freaking me out...in a good way :grin:
  5. I can't say i really like it either, it does look japanese. It looks like a really expensive yamaha fz1... Hopeully it is just a photoshop (not that i'd ever be buying one anyway :grin: )
  6. Well, Hellforleather now have what are supposed to be the official pictures (leaked). I hope this *is* the real deal as it looks much better than Loz' version. Admittedly the radiator still hangs low and naturally there's the stupid LCD instrument panel as used on 1098, but at least the lines are a lot cleaner and the front looks quite nice:

  7. I'm not sure what your definition of "clean lines" is ... but mine must be very different to yours.. there does not appear to be one clean line on that whole bike.. they are all angular and jagged.. dont get me wrong.. I think it looks very nice.. but "clean" it is not..
  8. LOL, I guess what I was getting at is this bike seems designed to be, well, a whole thing - as opposed to that photochop job we've seen earlier that was just an old Monster body with a chopped off fairing from 1098, and weird looking tubes for air scoops... none of it really hung together. Lines of this bike do fit together and in that sense they are clean, although admittedly in an angular and jagged way :)
  9. glad you saw the humour in my post and didn't take it the wrong way :wink:
  10. Man, I had my heart set on a K1300R as my next bike, struggling to fight off Ducati-based V-Twin temptations. In fact, a V-twin KxxR bike would have been perfect.

    This just screwed me up. Very sexy. Can't wait for the official press materials and pictures.
  11. *cough* not a streetfighter *cough*

    that is all
  12. it looks like mickey mouse with those mirrors, fkn get rid of em! :shock:
  13. Deadsy - That pic looks like a Yammy FZ1 cross MV Brutale. Looks great IMO :grin:
  14. The visordown version looks horn! Not suprisingly they followed in Aprilia's footsteps and modeled it on the awesome Tuonos :grin: . I'll reserve a final opinion until I see one in the flesh but it could just be the bike that make Ducati interesting for me.
  15. Oh. My. God.
  16. Thank God it looks a bit better.

    For some reason it looks too... modern for me. I don't get what I'm saying either.