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Pre L newbie with lots of questions...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by fozzy, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Lots of great info on this site!

    I'm totally new to all this and just starting to look into it. I apologise if these questions have all been answered before :grin:

    1. There's currently a 2 month waiting list to do the course here in Campbelltown NSW (please no Campbelltown jokes - you should visit, things have changed heaps for the better and I love it here! :) ) Does anyone know if the list is shorter at any of the other locations? Pentrith? Woolongong? I'm happy to drive. Also, weekends are bad for me - do they ever run the course midweek?

    2. I'm your average 6'1" 95KG kind of guy. I'm pretty open minded on what bike to get, given an upper limit of $3K what used bikes would you suggest? I am a bit mechanically minded to I can probably keep something a bit older going. Reliability is probably important for a new rider though. So, suggestions? or know of anything for sale that would suit?

    3. I'm 27 with a good driving record - what should I expect $$$s wise to keep a bike on the read every 12 months? Insurance? 3rd party only? CTP? Services?

    Thanks guys, keen to hear any other random tips that have helped you out!

    Also keen to meet people - look forward to getting together for a ride sometime!

    Appreciate your input...
  2. Fozz -

    All that other stuff is a bit hard for me to say being in S.A, but bike-wise, try to find a bargain Suzuki GS500. Good solid bike, a bit bigger than your average stuff, good size to suit someone your (our) size, does pretty much everything well.


  3. 1. Yes, you can do it during the week - its alot less busy during the week anyway. When you ring them you can ask them to find somewhere else nearby that has a smaller waiting list. I know alot of people come to St Ives because the waiting list was smaller (north shore sydney), and there are a few other quieter ones around too.

    2. Alot of 250s won't have a problem with your weight. On you're budget you'd either be getting a much older learner legal 600cc bike or just deal with the 250 (which will be newer, less kms, therefore alot more reliable). Go to some dealers and check out kawasaki zzr250, gpx250, suzuki across, maybe some cruisers if you're into that. Depends what style you're after. GPX250 probably fulfils your needs, for 3K you could get late 90s lowish kms one in good shape. Read the 'what to look for when buying' guides on this site to make sure you get something reliable.

    3. For third party you'll be looking at 170+the new 80 BS levy for 12 months, or for comprehensive 400-600ish.
  4. Fozz,

    Get onto the RTA site and you can search through the available bookings at all of the testing locations and book online.

    I only needed 2 days notice to get into a Learner course and was just looking at booking in for my p's and found a couple of locations available within the week midweek in the Sydney metro area.

    Hope this helps. :)
  5. !. St Ives and a short list? Ha, when i went for my L's they had a waiting list of at LEAST 2 months (though it may have been due to me only being to do it on the weekend). I went and did mine at Clyde, and from what i hear you can generally get in there earlier than most places. Though i think the RTA can do everything for you now instead of paying them, then booking the test through a call center.

    2. You are not likely to get a bike from a dealer for less than 3k. They normally start from there on for the old or crap ones. You are better off trying to obtain one privately (though theres no problem with going to a dealer to sit on a few different ones and find one you like). Trading post + BikeSales are your friend.

    3. Do you want to insure your bike completely for a bit more or risk paying for any repairs yourself? Just get a whole bunch of online quotes to see the difference between comprehensive and 3rd party only and to see how much they will set you back. Remember that ones like QBE do price beats so call around aswell.
    Although you will be saving on petrol compared with a car, you may be spending more on replacing oil, filters, chains + sprockets etc, depending on how you ride the bike.
  6. Thanks for the replies, it looks like I should be able to get in somwhere within 3 weeks or so.

    Been looking at bikes online - whats your opinion on a Suzuki GSX 250 Across?

    There seem to be a number of these around in good nick for under $3K - are they a reliable beast? Good size for a bigger rider? Easy to handle?
  7. Accross is a good bike from what I have seen of them. With the boot where the tank is, the petrol cpacity is a bit small so you will be filling up heaps. At the lower end of the dollars you will be looking for a bike with age or mega kms or both. Look for well maintained bike (reciepts?) rather than nice loooking, you will probably just drop it anyway. Perhaps get it inspected?
    Good Luck
  8. BTW,
    I am 34, 6ft 3 and 95kg. ZZR250 was a good match for me. If I had my time again I would look at the 500's (LAMS). I was looking for GS500F when I bought mine and only bought the ZZR because of good timing and price. I have sat on CBR250RR and they are a little cramped for the larger gent.
  9. You reckon the ZZR is a better bike?

    I've also looked around at the GS500's the look like a good bike too, but are a bit dearer and harder to find
  10. I'm, about 6', 85kg, and I've found the zzr reasonably comfortable for the last 18 months. Very reliable, good on fuel, stood up to a few longer trips. And believe it or not, I'm about to sell mine and upgrade... it would be in your price range... :wink:
  11. mate buy a sachs madass 125cc and put the hos kit on it.

    Just a thought :shock:
  12. I just booked my l's at st ives yesterday and got in on the 28th of july.

    I tried to move the date to a later date but they were booked out, but still 4 spots available for 28th july.

  13. What is it ??

  14. http://www.sachsbikes.com.au/
  15. Hmmm... Tell me more?
  16. I would not say the ZZR is better. What type of riding do you want to do? Faired or naked? I have been on a fair number of learner rides recently. Here is my percieved pecking order from the limited ecperience.
    CBR250RR Cool and fasr
    ZXR2 Cool and fast
    VTR250 Cool and naked
    ZZR and Across Moderately cool

    the only difference I see between ZZR and accross is the amount of fuel. My ZZR could get 450k's out of a tank (cruising) and the accross gets about 200-250. Accross is very good for luggage.

  17. +1
  18. If I had to buy another learner bike it would probably be the gs500f - a bit bigger, faired, and not bad looking. I'd avoid an overpriced baby blade, I really don't think you get your moneys worth with them. Given how popular they are, I guess a lot of people would disagree with that.
    The ZZR/GPX would be my second choice, with the zzr preferred. It's a couple of kilos heavier than the GPX, but has a better frame, better fairings (deflect a bit more wind), and doesn't look so ugly.

    fozzy, I'll pm you re. the zzr.
  19. Hey Fozzy,
    Looks like we are in the same boat :p

    I am 27 living in Sydney, just booked in last night via the internet and got a place at St Ives for next Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th. I think you have to just keep checking cause different spots come and go from people changing dates, cancelling etc. Some people seem to struggle getting an early date yet others have said the only needed 2 days notice, I think you just need to be in the right place at the right time.

    We will have to make a date to go for a newbie ride when we both have our rides/licenses, where abouts do you come from in Sydney? I am out near Rouse Hill/Parklea area.