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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by flexorcist, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. aaah, the bike community. kinda got myself a "mentor" today. rode past him like 4 times then the next he was pulled over. owned several bike, is my age (22), and just bought a brand spanking k8 1000 with the best aftermarket exhaust i've ever seen in my life. he's owned lots of bikes and i've tried to convince him to jump on here.....

    weirdly enough, it was a >6ft chinese dude thats fresh from manchester.
    how bizaarre.
  2. bennos, are any of your antics anything LESS than bizarre? :p :LOL:

    now, dont go leading him astray :grin:
  3. he's already astray. i asked him what his first bike was. he said, '00 R6 when i was 15. do coppers chase you much here? in england they don't f'n stop.

    seriously... weird coming form a big asian person.
  4. another one of my brothers breaking the mold :cool:
  5. Well, most of Australia was founded by English convicts, what's one more? :LOL:
  6. Whats weird about that?

    Because the bloke's asian?

    That's like people that are surprised that an asian bloke like myself served in the army. What? I wasn't born Australian enough?

    Get over the stereotypes, people are just people, the different colours just make it more fun when trying to predict what colour the kids will come out.
  7. I lol'd
  8. Damn straight it's because he was Asian. Don't think I ever seen an Asian taller than 6 foot, not that I can remember anyway.

    Dont take it the wrong way, its like saying 'it was strange the black man only had a 9 inch member'. It's not racist, it's not stereotypical (really)... it's just uncommon! Haha.

    Are people really surprised you were in the Army? Sounds like idiots to me!
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  10. Big? Asian? wtf-34.

    You promised you'd stay off the amber liquid for good this time AngeryHit2.