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Pre delivery inspection

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by andyn1111, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    An infrequent poster and having come from the car scene...somewhat noob with bikes.. anywho... i've put a deposit down on a rs125 and expecting delivery on Friday. With new car purchases i've heard horror stories where the owners havent checked thru the car properly and signed off on it only to find that upon closer inspection it has been resprayed on certain big panels... the question is, does this apply for bikes too? shud i rigourously check the bike before signing off on it?


  2. Well you want a good bike right? Then go inspect it! There's nothing any clearer than inspecting it. You should always check the bike before you lay down any deposit.
  3. LOL if you think the second hand car market is dodgy you should see the lams bike market.

    Wound back odometers, resprayed non OEM body panels, repairable write offs, dodgey advertising of compliance vs build dates, multiple written off bikes being sown together to make one whole bike.

    These things are pretty much standard in the world of the second hand lams bike.

    Probably does not affect the RS125 as much as the jap bikes, however you really shouldn't have signed anything or even considered money until you gave it a good once over as well as an inspection by someone more knowledgeable then yourself.
  4. oh sorry i 4got to add that this is for a new bike... and the signing is for when u actually get the the bike more or less.. the pre delivery
  5. Meh, if it's a new bike then it's under warranty.
    I would however just look for scratches on the fairings/cosmetic damage that you can pick up on.
    Also check all of the paperwork to make sure all is in order.
    Best to get that stuff sorted before you sign up for it.

  6. One more thing you should check when buying any new vehicle is the registration date. Particularly if you are picking it up in the first week or early in the 2nd week of the month.

    Why? Some dubious dealers will actually register the vehicle in the previous month to boost their monthly sales figures. You think this isn't a problem, guess when the warranty starts? I've known a handful of people who got caught out thinking something was covered under warranty, only to find out that it ran out a week or two earlier.
  7. Mate check it like your life depended on it and do Not sign a thing till you have.
    I have known bikes to be scratched in the shop. And sold without repair.
    Once it is out of the shop it's your word against thiers. And they have your cash already and it will cost you heaps to get it back.
    Ring Aprillia and find out what comes with the bike as well. Manuals, tool kit and spare parts so forth.
  8. I would suggest joining an rs125 forum and asking there.

    But I have a feeling they have a slightly better rep than the Koreans :D
  9. @b12mick ahh...thats a good point wouldve never thought of that
    @bretto yea true that i shud give them a call... but isnt it via the distributor that i call? the john sample group
    @drewman xD i would hope that they would ahahas

    also does would anyone know how long it would usually take for a dealer to prep a bike? cause i went in today to buy gear and they said that the bike isnt in yet... and delivery is expected to be tmrw
  10. I bought a 2011 Ninja 250R recently and two of the dashboard lights were blown, something I didn't pick up on in my inspection and particularly hard to see during the day!

    Annoying but sorted under warranty upon the first service. But so much for the pre-delivery inspection! No harm in double checking everything yourself.....