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Prawn of my Loins

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. (bonus points for identifying the reference in the thread title)


    This is my best beloved (who has had her license for a little under a year) instructing our firstborn in the Way of the Bike.

    What a great day!

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  2. The family that rides together, eh? The shared experiences will be a marvellous thing for you all together; I bet you're pleased and proud all at once.
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  3. I may be blind, but I have acute 'earing.

    Nice one!
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  4. Prawn of my loins my foot!
    Good luck to them both.
  5. congrats mate
    saw the other thread
    my whife looks like getting the 250 as well
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  6. I... ah ... am lost, but I do know those bikes are excellent learners bikes after having ridden one once not so long ago...sorry,er, back to my beer
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    Bravus has a yellow beard? Who knew.

    My wifey is also talking about getting her licence now.
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  8. cloth ears!
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  9. Stagger, stagger, stagger...
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  10. Insurance upside: something like 30 bucks a year on the QBE premium to add Cassie (the prawn) as a named rider.

    Insurance downside: at 25 we thought she'd be beyond young rider excess, but apparently it goes to 30.
  11. Good to see you are getting the whole family out on two wheels. The movie you reference is a great one full of good quotes. I particularly like the Roll Roll Stagger scene shown above.

    Betrayin's all part of piratin'. If you don't know that you're not even close to being a pirate, "Prawn of my loins", my foot!

    Speaking of which International Talk like a Pirate day is coming close. September 19th so practice your HoHoHos Me Hearties and be ready to do your bit.
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  12. The one on the bike in the pic above shares my love of pirate metal: we go to a lot of gigs together and raise a rum.

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