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Prank On A Colleagues Cage

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by ResmeN, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Our IT guy whos been with us for about a year is quiet a character and we thought it was time for payback for the crap service he has been providing us with.

    He is funny, been in the country for a few years comes from Eastern Europe and is now in surfers with his mrs so we were thinking of something and then remembered he'd left his car here.

    Now he has a base model impreza but the way he drives it you'd think it was a tt or v8 as this guy is just pedal to the metal at all time. The other day I filtered to the front then overtook him and a car infront of him on my bike and he had the nerve to tell me it was dangerous and once I told what about his own actions he defended himself by saying he is an impulsive driver...whatever. Oh so as I was saying we decided his car needed to be riced up as it was too dull. There are other funny stories but enough talk more action.

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  2. 1 2 3 4 5

    How much extra g force and downwards pressure you reckon these awesome mods would give?
  3. Not enough pranking! it needs post it notes...

    ...nah, good job :)
  4. Love it!
    Pranksta. LOL
  5. awesome job man...stay the hell away from me!
  6. ..it actually looks rather good!!.... :-k

    ...love the "Gay Boy" rego!!.... :LOL:
  7. Thanks Rob, we'll leave the post it notes for another ocassion.

    maplegum: thanks

    mav: are you a try hard ricer, if not you got nothing to worry about hehe. The owner isn't a ricer but drives like he's in a rally 24/7

    The best part was a few weeks ago he was on the tullamarine freeway in Melbourne hooning as usual but this time he was being outhooned by a guy up his ass that was giving him the works, flashing, beeping stikcing his arm out. He let him pass then called the hoon line with the guys details and turned out the guy had just stolen the car so makes sense why he was in such a rush.

    Tweetster: tell me about it, you should see the people outside slowing down to check it out and probably thinking wtf...
  8. :eek:wned:
  9. Shoulda taken it through the nearest speed camera to record the event for posterity :twisted:.

    It's quite amusing how so many criminals get caught by acting like dickheads and drawing attention to themselves. The number of drug busts that happen in WA 'cos someone got pulled for speeding at peak "bored cop" time in an obviously unroadworthy vehicle is hilarious.
  10. What, no post-it-note racing stripes?
  11. Gold. Just pure Gold.
  12. That.is.great!
  13. hahahahaha solid
    do we have a close up of the for sale sign? or was that an actual listing for his car?
  14. what happened to the mock up broken gearboxes littered along the road?
  15. PatB: That would have been funny

    Orb: Thanks for the idea.

    Azamakumar: No it was just a mock up for sale sign.

    What was funny was seeing people look and then slowing down and looking again was priceless.
  16. ahhh u missed the side skirts, good job (y)
  17. Great job mate Love it, maybe paint the spoilers red to match the car?
  18. Good prank!
  19. i was ****ing with your boys fag` car for my own amusement but i thought id post it for a laugh

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  20. Now it just looks like some gay guy's HSV commodore.

    Oh wait. Every HSV commodore.

    CAVEAT: No disrespect for the homosexuals out there. As for the guys in pink HSV commodores, ****, you.