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Practicing on my CBR250RR

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Mofo2007, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. Hi all
    Just got my bike tonight and took it for a spin for an hour around the neighbourhood. Ive had my L's for roughly a month and this is the first time Ive ridden since then.
    Ive been driving manual sports cars for many years now and Im just trying to get the hang of a bike.

    Question 1: When your riding in 1st gear and about to change to second gear, you pull on the clutch lever and change to 2nd gear, do you let go of the throttle or ease down but still reving a little bit as you slowly find ur friction point?
    Im still trying to get the hang of matching revs as you shift. I find that when Im doing it, it sounds like its overreving and that.
    Need some tips

    Question 2:How can you tell if your low on petrol. I only just noticed that theres no fuel gauge :shock:
  2. hmmm... thinking about gear changes, that's something i haven't done in a long time :LOL: manual sports cars and motorcycles are two very different things.

    I'll roll off the throttle a little bit as I pull in the clutch, change gears and let the clutch out while giving it a bit more revs if i want to accelerate, or no more as i've already matched the revs for the next gear by rolling off slightly; all in one nice smooth action. It's something you'll get with more saddle time

    as for fuel, the suggested way is to fill up, take note of the odometer, ride around for a bit, fill up again and calculate how many k's you've done on the litres of petrol, and from that and the owners manual you'll be able to figure out how many k's you can do a tank, and from there own reset the trip metre every time you fill up so you can easily keep track of how much fuel you have left...
  3. Yeh Ill be riding around a lil more to get more practice.
    I guess its the only way. I just want to get rid of a bad habit if I am doing it wrong in terms of rev matching.
    Theres some fuel in the tank but I have no idea how long its going to last me.
    How much km's does a full tank get you?
  4. ummm well really you could completely close the throttle as you do in the car, whilst shifting up there is no need to match revs if you are using the clutch, and clutchless shifting as soon as your off the throttle you will find it will slip straight up into the next gear anyway

    shifting down is another story, to make the changes smooth as possible we blip the throttle (quick snap open and release) as you start to ease the clutch out, this will match the revs to your road speed, it will take some getting used to, but you will end up doing it without thinking about it

    i would never suggest holding throttle as you pull the clutch in, its jerky, will eventually kill your clutch, increase wear on tyres, chain and sprockets, as you release the clutch it will bite and the bike will try to lunge forward, even worse for a cbr250 that revs to 17,000 odd rpm
  5. ok this sounds scary, because i change gears on a bike like i do on a car

    ie. roll off throttle.. clutch in, gear up, clutch slowly out + roll on throttle.

    (nb roll on/off throttle, not slap it shut or wide open).

    sounds like im doing something wrong here>?
  6. don't think so Atlas, that's pretty much what I do...

    if you've matched the revs properly you'll get less wear on everything, and the entire shift is a lot smoother; once you get good at matching the revs, you can practice on shifting gears without the clutch ;)
  7. That's the way we were told to do it at HART and seems to work quite nice and smoothly.

  8. It becomes second nature fairly quick. Usually dropping the throttle back a bit whilst changing you can get about the right amount of revs for the next gear without thinking.

    As for fuel, I own a CBR250R and fill up when i hit 200km, usually putting in about another 10L. On a 15L fuel tank, you could pbly get over 300km over. I dont fill my tank right up to the brim, just high enough. Also i like to wring the neck of the thing.
  9. Firstly, awesome choice of bike :beer:

    Secondly, changing gears will become 2nd nature very soon, practice closing the throttle, clutch in, gear up, clutch out slowly as you roll on the throttle.

    If you feel you are giving it to much revs, give it less. The CBR can run on so little revs. But youll develop that feel for the bike in no time.

    Fuel wise. Depends on how you ride. Urban riding i can norm get about 180 to 200km before i hit reserve. Out riding in the natio for example, anywhere up to 250km before i hit reserve.

    I norm always run till i hit reserve (unless i know there wont be a petrol station anywhere near me) so one thing i have to stress is practice changing the switch from ON to RESERVE while moving.

    Lastly... where in Syd you live mate? Lets go riding!
  10. yes if if you match revs which is done by blipping the throttle not holding throttle which will increase ervs as the engine wont be unload even if you roll off slighty the revs will be higher then they need to be
  11. the best advice anyone here could give is the following


    just think about the processes as a sequence, and when u have the sequence down pat in your mind, practice it on the bike.
  12. blipping the throttle when you're down shifting, or not closing off the throttle when you're shifting up. It depends on which way you're changing gears, on the bike, how much you're giving it in the first place etc etc...
  13. For changing gears what i tend to do is jus roll off the throttle slightly when I pull the clutch in, shift up and clutch out. Normally if I do this perfectly(most of the time) the rev would be very close to the next gear.

    As for shifting down blipping the throttle would help alot as decribed by people earlier.

    For the fuel I normally get abt 220-240km's before I hit reserve. I get abt 14-16ks per litre. I normally fill up to the very top when I get to 200K on my odo. I would get abt 12L in. I get abit more out when I ride out of melbourne.

    Hope I helped u out.
  14. yeah I fill my cbr250 up when i reach 200kms then reset the counter.
  15. omg you guys get worse fuel consumption then me, and my fuel consupmtion makes everyone else sick, time to get your carbs sync'd
  16. Its a great bike, glad to hear you are enjoying it

    Has anybody done the P's MOST course in NSW on a CBR250RR.
    My friend wants to do it on his CBR250RR, is it possible with out making mistakes on the swerve and U-Turn, consistantly enough to be confident about it?
  17. Thanks for the tips guys. I know Ill just need practicing but it looks like im doing the right. Just need to perfect rev matching on a bike.
    Im glad that you can get 200+ Km out of a full tank. Better than what my currently drains!

    FITRYDER: Im in Ryde area which is kinda far from where you are which I
    take its sutherland ?

    SHAKOWS: My friends friend did it on his CBR250RR as passed with flying
    colours. He even pulled off a perfect U TURN :shock: which
    isnt the easiet thing to do on the CBR.
  18. Thanks Mofo2007

    I did it on my GPX250 and I put my foot down in U-Turn during the test

    My friend wanted to do it on his CBR250RR, to try and save the $125 by not renting a bike
  19. Did you end up passing?
    How many mistakes did u do?