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Practicing for P's at Botany 21/02/07 (SYD)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by loth, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,
    ihaveduff, maybe his mate, maybe duk35 if he's free (still have to ring him hehe) and myself will be practicing for our P's tomorrow (Wednesday) at Botany. That's eastern Sydney. Anyone else want to come? I know quite a late notice, but meh... will be in the arvo, maybe around 6 or 7pm?

    I'll update the thread once we're settled on an exact time. Be best if you send me your details in a PM, I'll contact you as for the exact time as it'll be a last minute kind of decision.

  2. Hey man - I probably won't make it - i only leave work today at 6:30pm so by the time I get home it'll be 7:15 - 7:30.... GRRRRRRRRR...
  3. Going again tomorrow... finish early though, i have to be in the city before 8!!
  4. hey man - by any chance this week did you come into the city?
    I saw a black VTR with staintune's on it parked behind the ABN-AMRO building
  5. So you guys will be doing it tonight again?

    I was gonna do some practise, as i have my test on Sat.
    Where abouts in Botany is it?
    What time you doing it?

    I have the day off today, but got to be in city tonight aswell.
  6. Affirmative! Do you know where they do the actual test for the P's? Well that's where we are going... Umm else just give me a ring, I'll arrange a meeting point before heading there. Phone No is in PM.
  7. Ok

    I think the location is: Botany RTA Motor Registry. 19 Lord Street Botany.

    What time?
    Ill give you a call if i can make it.

  8. caltex meet? :p ... definately on tonight! maybe a ride after (though i'm gonna have to head to city for 15 - 20 mins at some stage before 8)

    be fun! the more the merrier!!

    not at lord st, thats the RTA. Someone's spray painted the course nearby though!

    DUK, not me... though going city tonight!
  9. Would the Caltex meet be easier for miikeboyle?
    It's the Caltex closest to UNSW, on Anzac Parade. Time would be approx 5pm I think.
  10. yeah probably around then... Its at the intersection of High st and Anzac pde, at the bottom of UNSW...
  11. trev are you even going to be sober :LOL:
  12. :rofl:
  13. ah well good luck tonight boys i'm sure i will hear about any mishaps tonight :p
  14. Oh...gawd...
  15. hahhahaha don't worry, i'll be raving :cool:
  16. Have Fun guys - I'm way too busy tonight - I leave work at 6:30 then it's straight off to DJing....... be working around the clock tonight.....urg.....

    where's this place? is it the PrinceofWales drive one or have we found a new place with the whole course?
  17. nah prince of wales drive!! didnt know you DJ'd! what styles?
  18. sorry guys

    Im not gonna make it due to the rain.
    If you do it again tomorrow night i should be free.

    Thanks anyway
  19. I do Hiphop - RnB for most of the time then for extra $$$ I turn into one of 'THOSE' DJ's and play birthdays and weddings and whatnot..............

    Tonight I'm playing at a Dance studio for their social Night...Gonna be Salsa music and Latin stuff.

    dammm - there is rain.... well there going to be rain... started off as such a nice day too!

    hey man - I think we should spray paint the rest of the course ourselves there - I got a few cans of paint and road marker paint aswell laying around somewhere. The the road there is privately owned by a port isn't? don't think they mind - if not then we'll just use Chalk everytime we go.
  20. sounds good... do you have the exact measurements to spray? there's no cameras :p

    i attempt to dj happyhardcore :cool: