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Practicing deeper turn-ins [VIDEO]

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dima, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I would really like to hear some feedback on one of my practice sessions.
    This time I was trying to work on the lines and steer less lazily (deeper turn point, harder sterring, less in a lean).

    After watching the video myself, I learned a few lessons, but would like some of the more experienced rides to give me a bit of critics/suggestions.

    Bonus - upload your own vid on a similar road to show how to do it properly :)

  2. Can't help you.
    Just says "This video is private"!!!!
  3. What are you practising there ?
    How to crash ?
  4. Sorry. Made it public. Was private by default when uploaded.

    I think I wrote what I was trying to practise. Was it THAT bad or what? :cry:
  5. I no understand,why not practice proper cornering.
  6. May I suggest you do a CSS course, it'll teach you what you are looking for.
  7. Thanks. I've done CSS L1 a few weeks ago.
    That's approximately what guys suggested to work on.
  8. go faster.
  9. Yeah. That indeed worked for me. Faster I went, better it felt (not on the video).

    But I was afraid to do it (even though I knew I could). Especially in a right turn where I could see the kerb coming closer and closer.
  10. You wont be able to go much faster taking those lines.
  11. Now I am not an experience rider, but why are you turning so hard that you end up almost in the middle of the road after the turn? Should be accelerating out of the turn so you should be going wider as you exit. If you are trying to lean the bike more then you need to be going faster. On the right hand turn you are almost going in the opposite lane, that's pretty dangerous.
  12. You need to find out what apex means and hit the apex.
    Happy now ?
  13. Trying to learn how to quick-steer (as opposed to lazzy leaning).
    I end up in the middle of the road because I don't do it right (turn too early I suppose).

    I'm trying to be less in a lean. I go into the opposite lane because I'm doing it wrong (with lazy-lean it is simpler)

    I assume one of the mistakes is that I turn-in/steer too early. If I'll do it later it should be better.

    One of the most common mistakes according to CSS - too early turn-in (which we can observe on the video).
  14. I re-watched the vid,too early turn-in was not evident at all.
    Too late mostly.Paint a spot on the apex and aim for that.
  15. Ok, to me your lines are all messed up. You're turning what are gentle corners into 90 degree bends by steering so quickly. You are also standing the bike up really quickly on exit. IMO you need to tip in earlier and more gradually and use gentle throttle on exit to help stand the bike up.

    I understand what you're trying to do with the late turn in, but your steering inputs are far too violent. You're asking alot of the tyres by riding like this, particularly if you happen to come across a bit of slippery road surface. You need to smooth the whole thing out a lot more. Like everything on a bike; smooth = fast.

    Edit: you are definitely not turning in too early. As BT says, you're too late if anything.
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  16. And I got accused of sarcasm!
    My feelings as a genuine contributor have been hurt.
    Back to normal transmission now.
  17. My question would be who filmed you haha.
    I can't really give tips with cornering but I might see if the wifey can be assed filming me to compare haha.
  18. You guessed it! That was her. She actually can see me on a bike :)
    Definitely helps to see yourself from a side. Do it too.

    Just keep in mind I was trying to do the quick steering here, whicj is all messed up. so don't compare with with it :)
    I'm sure you'll have much better lines.

    And I also seem to be totally confused now. I heard somewhat opposite things at CSS comparing to what people are saying here :(
  19. Maybe that corner is not really suitable compare to what they were taught you at the CSS course.
    If that was a corner on a race track, you wouldn't be limited to just one side of the road.
    I guess you could have taken the corner wide and cut right through the apex of the corner rather than trying to stick to one side of the road.
    Or is the racetrack really that narrow to the width of one side of the road?
  20. I got the impression that quick-steer can be done in most corners. But maybe that's not really the case.

    I am scared to go too wide/deep and cut. People here suggest to turn earlier in which case I wouldn't be able to quick-steer much. It would be normal lazy-leaning.

    Racetrack is way much wider. You can go really wide and cut (which I'm still scared to do - probably SRs).

    BTW, One definite thing that we were taught at CSS is that you hardly can crash from quick-(counter)steer motion (unless wet/cold tyres).