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Practice with Netriders

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Petesul, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. Hi fellow Netridians.

    Had my first session at St Kilda BP today (Sat 29 June). Not sure of the numbers, but I'd guess about 25 riders, and of all levels of skill, from very recent learners to experienced girls and guys.

    First test is to figure out how to get into the carpark - I'm not telling you how, you'll have to find out for yourself.

    Anyway, it was a great way to say g'day to all fellow riders, and have a look at the wheels, gear, and get some riding ideas. Bikes were of the sporty variety, where are all you cruisers? Too cold this morning?

    Witches hats were positioned and most of us jumped on our steeds and had fun ducking, weaving and twisting around the course. A few tips were provided by the experienced ones. Started at 10am and you can leave when you need.

    Great for networking. Give it a go!

    I then rode out to the Peter Stevens in Ringwood to view the opening. There were a few more people there, and many more cruisers of the HD variety. Big sales on, but having been to the old and new locations, I could not see the 20 to 50% off in the items I looked at.

    I parked down the side of the establishment in my humble little GS500F. When I was about to leave, a fellow two wheeler started his machine - rattled like thunder, to the point when, after turning mine on, I had to grab the bar to fee the vibrations as I could not hear my little sewing machine! I'm still vibrations now!

    Anyway, I had a great day on my bike even though I only rode about 90km.

    How was your great bike day?
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  2. Don't think we met today. I left early (about 11.30).
    Glad you had a good time & met some of the NR Nutz! :)

    & yes, most of the cruiser riders are pussies!!! :bolt:

  3. Be fair, mate. The fog makes the chrome look dull and what's the point of riding if not to show off all those shiny bits? Chicks dig shiny bits.
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  4. I had a great day at the practice. Sorry to not greet you there. Maybe next time?

    The sale was 20% off listed price. Got me a photochromatic visor at @ 20% off which brings the price somewhat in line with getting the item from overseas.
  5. I did say "most" :)

    P.S. I did have a V Star until some 'P' plate cager decided he wanted my lane!
  6. Didn't mention that I almost had a SMIDSY moment on the way home. In a pack that I had been in for about 3km, a wonderful lady decided to change lanes into where I was. I was not even in her blind spot (i dont think). Lucky for the practice, I put the braking and swerving to good use, and made use of my peewe horn. I want red and blue lights and a fog horn. Got the sorry wave!

    Back up to the hills today. Practiced some of the flicking exercises I read elsewhere in Netriders.

    Keep safe girls and guys!
  7. On the last post, see Flux's tips for making a bike dance, in this forum.

  8. I know, I've got your cruiser AirHawk. Coz of my weak bum needing more cushioning and stuff :)
  9. Doesn't mean anything Gobber... I have the cruiser Airhawk for the Z, and I've never ridden a cruiser. It's just a good shape.

    When are we going to see you around the traps again?

  10. Soon, mate. I just turned 40, remember. I was 18 a couple of weeks ago, so it'll take a while to adjust.
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  11. My calender must run faster than yours. :(
  12. Hi guys. I'm only pretty new to riding, so from what i read it's worth the trip down to try it all out is it?
    I'd like some practise and then to go and get my P's one day soon.
    What are your thoughts?
  13. It's well worth the trip.

    Friendly people, good advice, and a safe controlled environment in which to build up experience.
  14. Sat practice is always worth the trip! It's definitely a good idea when you are thinking about going for your licence test soon. Lots of valuable information to be had there!

    If you need help with finding your way there, just post in the Sat practice thread. Someone in your area might be able to help you get in.

  15. Did you get your Ps mate?
  16. I realize lots of people have asked about this before, but I haven't found any recent posts and none around my area.

    So, I just got my Ls and a friend of mine sorted me out with a bike to get me started.
    Only problem I have now is, where to practice? I'm a complete and utter newbie and I feel a bit like I've not idea what I'm doing on the bike half the time.

    So, does anyone know of any good spots around the inner city and/or NE parts of the city (Collingwood, Clifton hill, Northcote, Thornbury, maybe even Preston) where you can get some practice?

    Ideally some place where there's a minimum of traffic/poles/parked cars/things to crash into and hurt yourself on.

    Was hoping to get some more experience doing basic stuff like gear shifting, emergency braking and cornering before riding anywhere where there's heaps of cars, bikes, pedestrians and other things to keep track of.

  17. hey babe, are you hot?
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  18. Yarra Boulevard but watch your speed, there are fixed Speed cameras.
  19. Where?
  20. Sorry, I thought there were fixed cameras but only mobiles according to this thread my mistake.