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Practice spots in northern Melbourne?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by KBear, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Does anyone know of some good, large carparks, or quiet, windy parkways for individual practice? Last nights car park was overrun with local footy players. They shouldn't have to watch my overenthusiastic revving.

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  2. Oh, that looks great... Will have to try that on a weekend. Thanks!
  3. Whereabouts in Northern Melbs are we talking?

    The industrial area around the drive-in cinema in Coburg can be good on the weekend. Just be careful though, as the main road there can get some pretty large trucks going past.

    Theres also a semi-industrial area in Thomastown, sort of between Dalton rd/Settlement road/Metropolitan Ring Road.

    If you're willing to come closer to the city, The IKEA carpark is always completely empty at night and the two top levels there are quite huge and perfect for practising. That's where I went for my first few rides. :)
  4. I'm in the Ascot Vale area. I'm happy to travel out to Thomastown. Any excuse will do. :)

    I tried an industrial area at Airport West last night (wanting to practice u-turns) but it was just too busy.
  5. Yeah, industrial areas are usually best on Sundays, as they tend to be fairly quiet then. There's also a smaller area around Kensington, which isn't too bad. A lot of smaller roads, but still relatively empty and quiet to allow for some practice.
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  6. Might try the Thomastown/LaTrobe combination tonight. Many, many thanks.
  7. Highpoint is a great spot and is much much closer to Ascot Vale, I live on Maribyrnong road, so have used it a fair bit in the past.
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  8. For some reason, I didn't think of Highpoint. It's always so busy. But can definitely imagine practicing on the empty rooftop!
  9. Don't forget you have all the industrial shops and roads across from it like bunnings and hardley normal. Plenty to mix it up and not hang around in one spot too long.
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  10. Definitely not a good idea to hang around in one spot for too long when you're at Knifepoint Shopping Center... 3:)
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  11. Ha!

    Was making my way around to Thomastown last night and got as far as my favourite kebab shop. Yeah.

    It still counts as practice.

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