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Practice space in Eastern Suburbs, Sydney?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by icweiner, Jul 22, 2015.

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    Hi everyone,

    I would like to practice my slow and not so slow speed handling skills (i.e. MOST-like exercises, emergency braking, going over small obstacles, etc.) and looking for a safe place around Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, ideally near Kings Cross, Potts Point, Darlinghurst or in central part of Sydney area in general.

    In other words, I am looking for well-lit empty parking/closed road. I found this post from 2008 Practice MOST Test in the Eastern Suburb but how is the situation today?
  2. nearest Bunnings after closing time? inner city is difficult due to traffic and lack of parking

    check largish parking areas on Google maps (satellite) and you may see markings on the ground

    googlemap for "Randwick Netball Association, Fitzgerald Avenue, Maroubra, New South Wales", might be ok?
  3. I hear this place is pretty empty after 10pm or so
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  4. Lyne park Rose Bay. Big carpark behind tennis courts. Always empty at night and open.

    I live very close by if you want someone to offer some tips.
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  5. Paddo bowls car park? Might have to pick your time though

    Or the empty floor of a multi storey car park that has the 2hrs free option. Bondi Westfield or Entertainment Quarter (moore park) car park?
  6. Heffron Park off Fitzgerald Ave. near Maroubra. A nice big and empty parking lot (most of the time) to practice in :)
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  7. Hi Tweet I live in kingsford and have my HART Ps on 2nd Sep... will it be possible to gain some last minute pointers
  8. Hi, what bike you're using? I'm just from Randwick.
  9. Gs500F Nad, will be picking it up tomo evening after work cant wait!
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  10. Best go to Homebush this Saturday to see Chris and the guys there, The course is marked out and you can practice all you need specifically for the MOST.
    Remember head checks, they will cost you 3 points each I think, and miss 3 = go home empty handed.

    Once you have the P's, come and hang out, we will do some km on some awesome roads.
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  11. Thanks Tweet! Will let you know how it went soon...
  12. Nice! I can't wait for my bike too! Ride with u soon!
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